Quanta Receives the Prestigious UNHCR Award

07 Maggio, 2018
Quanta Receives the Prestigious UNHCR Award

On Thursday, March 22, at Assolombarda in Milan, Quanta received “Welcome. Working for refugee integration“, a prestigious award given by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) to companies that have distinguished themselves in promoting the employability of refugees and support of their integration process in Italy. These are the words of Umberto Quintavalle, Founder & Chairman of Quanta, “This important award honors us very much and it is a reward for all of us for the work done with passion, demonstrating that integration is a valuable resource and the main way to not passively accept a dramatic phenomenon”.

The Project in Summary

Anabasis is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at migrants seeking political asylum that aims to help them integrate into society through the creation of special paths for active labor market policies, integrated with qualification training courses and certifications. Alongside the language and civic training, they also receive vocational courses, transportation and assistance services in addition to economic benefits for the companies ready to hire them. The project aims at locating hard to find professional skill sets in the national territory, especially in the shipbuilding segment. In the 20 months of development the project has given 63 selected migrants the opportunity to work towards a professional qualification and more specifically to obtain employment as welders and carpenters.

Starting in the Piedmont region of Italy, the project saw a rapid development nationwide and has spread to many other areas, amongst which Lombardy, Lazio, Campania and Abruzzo.

The Recognition “Welcome. Working for refugee integration”

Quanta will have the honor to bear the UNHCR logo which provides a clear testimony of the Quanta’s willingness to promote a model of an inclusive society. The display of the logo is a sign of recognition for companies that have made concrete efforts to promote the employment of beneficiaries of international protection, taking some responsibility in building a more aware society to the needs of those who were forced to leave their home countries because of war, conflict and persecution and chose to start a new life in Italy.

This recognition adds to the Sodalitas Social Award 2017, promoted by the Sodalitas Foundation.

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