Umberto Quintavalle
28 Aug
Umberto Quintavalle

"There are several expressions with which we can define success. I consider myself to be satisfied with what I have. My goal is not success, but creating in an ethical form. I build well-being in an ethical manner for myself and for those who work for me . "    

Entrepreneur, Charismatic leader, and Sports fan: Since the founding of Antex Temporary Job, known today as Quanta, to HC Milano Quanta who are the current champion team in Series A, as well as the most titled team in Italy, up to the construction of the Quanta Club, a structure sports center of 62,000 square meters of great quality, and with many other initiatives. A great worker, endowed with great personality, leadership, and foresight, Dr. Umberto Quintavalle left us last August 13th. 

All of us in Quanta remember him with affection, proposing this interview with Fortune in 2018.

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