Why You Should Encourage Your Senior Staff to Mentor Newer Professionals

21 October, 2019
Why You Should Encourage Your Senior Staff to Mentor Newer Professionals

The main benefits of a company mentoring program are well known: It gives newer staff members valuable support and feedback, in addition to passing them knowledge gained through experience. However, it can be challenging to develop an effective mentoring program given the limited time of most professionals.

In many companies, high-potential employees maneuver around the organization, collecting experience but perhaps not having the time to think about what they are learning. This kind of scenario perfectly lends itself to a mentoring program, where experienced, skilled employees can both reflect on all they know while passing on knowledge to others.

Clearly, you ought to be encouraging your senior staff members to mentor newer employees. Below are just a few benefits of an active mentorship program.

Mentoring Improves Leadership Skills

To begin with, the top-performing mentors also get the benefit of improving their leadership abilities. As a senior employee assists her or his mentee, they have the opportunity to think about and speak to their own experience and knowledge; something they may not have done otherwise. In the process, they may pick up insights and notice patterns they didn't identify before.

Better Company Culture

Mentoring also helps a company with its processes, internal politics, and company culture. For instance, staff members on both sides of the mentoring relationship might gain a new appreciation of their co-workers, who may be from different backgrounds or generations. Also, many people who become mentors say they get significant personal satisfaction from the relationships created by the program. If you're feeling exhausted or cynical, mentoring can provide you and your career a lift.

Lower Cost of Learning

Many companies that have mentoring programs also have formal learning and career development programs. However, according to research, mentoring is seen as a more effective teaching method than formal classroom learning, and the cost of mentoring is far less.

Furthermore, promoting a mentorship program has the added benefit of supporting a business culture that values learning and career development. Staff members know the company is invested their future in if they’re connected with a mentor who can help grow their career. Furthermore, a mentoring program supports an overall learning environment, where employees are encouraged to gain knowledge both on their own and from those around them.

Less Personal Stress

When confronted with a problem at work, workers may be reluctant to go to their supervisor, and their co-workers may not be in a position to fix certain types of issues. Or sometimes, workers have a problem with their manager.

A mentor can be a 'safe space' for guidance and support when dealing with a wide range of issue. Even just knowing a mentor is there to lend a sympathetic ear can be enough to put a troubled worker at ease.

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