Why HR Is A Primary Information Resource For All Employees

27 April, 2018
Why HR Is A Primary Information Resource For All Employees

Employees might think of human resources as the department that hired them or the place to go when they have an issue with their health insurance. But what a lot of employees might not know is that HR can actually be a great resource for advancing their career.

The following list includes a number of ways your HR department can be a great resource for your employees.

Conflict with a supervisor

If an employee has a manager they don’t click with, HR can help. HR personnel can hear a complaint, assess its legitimacy and offer a solution.

Also, if an employee has an issue with their performance review, an HR manager can contrast the review with those of his or her peers, as well as past performance reviews, and determine if a change needs to be made.

Managing Employees

A manager’s career success depends on success of her or his employees. If a manger needs assistance managing difficult employees or difficult situations, an HR manager can suggest courses of action and even a workforce solution. The HR manager can offer help directly, or refer the manager to other resources.

Continuing Education

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement, particularly if the degree being sought is something that will make the person more valuable to the organization. If an employee isn’t in need of a new degree, but wants grow his or her skill set, HR personnel can suggest certification classes that can address knowledge gaps.

Resume Help

While an HR department isn’t supposed to help employees leave, HR personnel can offer resume help if an employee is seeking membership in a professional society or an internal promotion.

Furthermore, if an employee is laid off due to downsizing or mergers, HR can offer resume help and try to maintain a positive relationship between the company and the former employee(s).

Personal Problems

HR managers are not doctors or therapists so employees shouldn’t expect free medical advice or therapy. However, if an employee is having personal struggles, HR can direct him or her to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Also, HR can assist employees with medical issues that fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act or the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employees should be told that they have to ask for help as an employer cannot assume that a person is missing due to a protected medical condition.

Legal assistance

While they aren’t attorneys, HR personnel have a solid grasp on basic employment law. For instance, an employee can go to HR for advice regarding sexual harassment or discrimination.

Companies should not allow legal issues to build and get worse. HR has the resources to help companies and employees avoid big legal issues you, and call attorneys when the situation calls for it.

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