What We Learned About Career Searches in 2020

20 January, 2021
What We Learned About Career Searches in 2020

As with most things in 2020, job searching was turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The job market wasn’t completely frozen last year, but job seekers did have to change the way they went about their business. Rather than in-person interviews, for example, many people found themselves talking to a potential employer over Zoom.

Fortunately, there were existing technology tools and systems in place that job seekers could lean into in 2020. As we ease out of the pandemic and back to “the old normal”, many of the job search tools and tactics we used in 2020 will likely remain relevant.

With that in mind, consider the following things we learned about career searches in 2020.

Skills Continue to Pay the Bills

Many companies furloughed or permanently released employees in the face of the global pandemic. Those who weren’t let go tended to have the type of essential skills that companies needed to continue doing business.

For job seekers, the takeaway should be clear: Focus on developing the most valuable skills in your field. Fortunately, the pandemic and remote learning have made skills development more accessible than ever.

Interactions Go Very Online

Although video chat tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom helped us retain some sense of normalcy in 2020, interacting over video chat is still awkward and unnatural. On the other hand, the realities of COVID-19 have made us much more tolerant to the awkwardness of interacting online.

The best way to find a new job is still through networking. In 2020, networking mostly happened over social media, email and a good old-fashioned phone call. When reaching out to someone else, you might be worried about being annoying, but most people are willing to take a few moments to help out someone else.

Speaking of networking online, the way you represent yourself on social media is increasingly critical. Hiring personnel now use social platforms to learn more about a candidate than what is presented on a resume. Ensure your social presence is spotless and interesting.

We All Need to Be Good on Camera Now

Before COVID-19, the ability to feel natural on camera was something very people outside of broadcast media had to worry about. But thanks to constant video chats, we’re all having to learn how to look into the camera and feel natural in an unnatural situation. For job seekers, being good on camera is especially critical.

To best present yourself to a potential employer over video, make sure your lighting and background are acceptable. It's critical to have a device that is capable of handling live video streaming. Even better, have a device with a good camera and processor. Place your webcam at eye level. Having it too high or too low can be awkward.

Finally, dress for a video interview as you would for an in-person interview.

We Can Help You Move Your Career Forward in 2021

At Quanta, we understand that the job market changed a lot in 2020, and we’re ready to tackle the new job market in 2021. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your career.

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