What Soft-Skills To Look For In Professional Candidates

30 March, 2019
What Soft-Skills To Look For In Professional Candidates

Technical skills are undeniably important to look for in job candidates, but it’s soft skills like communication and time management that separate good employees from great ones.

Depending on the size of the company you work for, the soft skills that are most valued may vary. For smaller companies with less than a few hundred employees, people typically need to wear more than one hat so recruiters and hiring managers should look for candidates who have strong time management and organization skills. While employees at larger organizations tend to have specific job functions, large employers should still hire people who can adapt and work collaboratively toward solving problems.

Regardless of the size of your company, your employees need both hard and soft skills to succeed, and it’s important to understand what to look for.

Good communication


Excellent communication abilities enable someone to get information across clearly to other people. It doesn’t matter what open position you have or what industry you’re in - good communication is a must for any professional candidate. If your hire someone that doesn't understand how to communicate effectively, it doesn’t matter how much technical knowledge they have or how many brilliant ideas they can come up with.



Organizational ability at work is more than just being able to maintain a neat work area or keep reports organized. Organizational abilities translate into good time management and prioritization abilities. Even though there are individuals who say they work better in unorganized surroundings, collaboration in a professional environment demands strong organizational skills. Staff members who can follow organizational processes are also more likely to work effectively and transparently.

Critical thinking abilities


Critical thinking is the ability to use facts and logic to analyze situations, diagnose problems and develop solutions. Simply put, its being able to think about things and analyze them in a way that solve problems. Regardless of the type of job, critical thinking is a valuable skill because someone who can think critically does not need continuous guidance. He or she can also effectively resolve conflicts, evaluate ideas, locate mistakes and develop ways to improve productivity.



Teamworking abilities are crucial since businesses function in collaborative environment. Someone who effectively interact with her or his co-workers will never be as successful in a job as someone who has interpersonal abilities, is friendly by default and can adapt to the people around them.

Creative thinking


Creativity isn’t just useful in the arts. Any businesses should strive to be innovative and efficient, as employees are often asked to fix outdated ideas or develop outside-the-box solutions.

Top candidates will be able to get creative responses to interview questions, responses that aren’t expected. Hire a very creative person and you significantly boost your chances of developing new innovations.


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