What An MBA Candidate Can Bring To Your Company

06 November, 2019
What An MBA Candidate Can Bring To Your Company

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is regarded as a major qualification for many jobs in a wide variety of industries.

Hiring personnel, company leaders, educators, and professionals all agree: an MBA is valuable, and it's useful in industries from healthcare to the non-profit sector.

If you’re considering hiring someone with an MBA, consider the following benefits they can bring.

The Ability to See the ‘Big Picture’

It’s the comprehensive view of business and management provided by an MBA degree that lures so many employers to those who hold this degree. When somebody has earned an MBA, it shows they have learned critical thinking abilities, gained valuable analysis abilities, and been exposed to ‘big picture’ knowledge of how a company works.

The MBA is also about more than just professional development; there’s also the aspect of added personal growth. While so-called ‘soft skills’ can’t be taught, things like organizational ability, time management, and dedication can be sharpened while pursuing a graduate degree like an MBA, making for a more well-rounded employee.

A Valuable Network

The networking that takes place while pursuing an MBA not only helps the individual with their future professional activities, it also helps those businesses that employ them.

Throughout a typical MBA program, students meet people from other businesses, industries, and countries. Typically, those that pursue an MBA are smart, driven, and dedicated, and this means the typical MBA grad will have high-quality connections in many companies and industries. These connections can become anything from sales leads for your company to new employees.

The Latest Ideas and Approaches

In the regular MBA program, experienced faculty bring expert insight into the subjects they teach. They organize their lessons around highly relevant business challenges and issues that matter, as opposed to arcane academic theories. Basically, recent MBA grads have been learning from in-the-know experts with their ears to the ground. Most of the information they pass on is likely to be helpful to your company.

Succession Planning

Because leadership churn occurs at every company, business leaders must have strong succession planning in place. It’s always essential to have a stable of young thoroughbreds, ready to jump into leadership positions should someone retire, quit or get fired.

When you bring in someone with an MBA, you add another horse to your stable. An MBA degree equips someone with the ability to step into a leadership role and thrive in that position.

More ‘Tribal’ Knowledge

The term ‘tribal knowledge’ is often used to refer to the collective experience held within a group of people, and when you hire someone with an MBA degree, you make a significant addition to the tribal knowledge of your organization. Working alongside others in your company, this person would be able to share expertise and make those around her or him better employees.

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