Video Interview Etiquette - What You Need To Know

26 February, 2020
Video Interview Etiquette - What You Need To Know

Video interviews are becoming standard practice and if you are a job seeker, you have to be prepared to do your best in one. 

Although they can be similar to phone or in-person interviews, video interviews are their own animal. It’s a good idea to understand all the different factors so you can be read when the time comes. 

Different Video Interview Scenarios 

Sometimes, a video interview is held at your potential employer’s office. This occurs when one or more of your interviewers is based in a different location. In this scenario, you’ll want to prepare as if it were an in-person interview, since you’ll be interacting with people at the office or facility. Always prepare for common questions, dress professionally, get there a bit early and be respectful with everybody you meet. 

The most common video interview situation, however, involves connecting to your interviewer(s) from your home. In this situation, you’re responsible for connecting on your end; ideally from a distraction-free location with a strong internet connection. Importantly, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection; a computer with a webcam or tablet capable of video chat; a microphone that’s been correctly configured, a private and well-lit location with a neutral background that’s devoid of visual distractions. 

Most video interviews involve live interaction. You might be asked to connect via link the company has provided. Or you might have to receive a call via Skype or another video conference platform.  

There may be times when a company uses pre-recorded video for an interview. In this situation, the company provides you with directions on how to join the interview. Rather than interacting with a live person, you’ll have to respond to taped interview questions or text questions that appear on screen. When you’re finished, the potential employer reviews your video responses to each question. There is typically a time limit for each response, and you might be given multiple opportunities record an answer that you like. 

A pre-recorded video interview can feel unnatural. The best approach is to imagine you are having a professional chat with an old boss that you happen to like. 

Preparing for Interview Specifics 

Because you’ll be seen by your interviewer(s), it’s important to prepare for a video interview just as you would for an in-person interview. Pick out a professional-looking outfit to wear and prepare responses for expected interview questions.  

It’s also important to practice communicating over video chat. In your practice sessions, learn how to maintain “eye contact” with the camera and maintain good posture while talking as naturally as possible. If you aren’t used to talking directly into a camera, getting used to this form of communication could take some time.  

Practice video chats can also help you to ensure that your equipment is set up properly and functioning. The last thing you want is trouble with your video or audio connection during the interview. 

We Can Help You Prepare for Your Next Video Interview 

At Quanta, we often help job seekers prepare for video interviews. Please contact us today to find out how we can help with all kinds of interview situations. 

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