Top 5 Reasons a Staffing Company is Awesome for Your Tech Career

09 July, 2019
Top 5 Reasons a Staffing Company is Awesome for Your Tech Career

Most tech professionals have the luxury of being in high demand, which means they have many more career options than people in other fields.

However, the right growth opportunities can be hard to find inside a company and getting the time to hunt for outside opportunities is difficult. Hence, more and more tech professionals are looking to staffing companies for career assistance. The benefits of working with a staffing company go far beyond the paycheck, to a range of resume-building assignments at many different companies.

Below are five good reasons why you should consider working with a staffing company to advance your career.

1) More Diversity of Work

Unless your employer is offering up exciting new challenges every day, your abilities might be stagnating after a few years on the job. A staffing company will keep you busy and challenged; always keeping one eye open for your next assignment.

Many US businesses have a workforce that includes full-time, freelance and contract workers. That reality gives contractors with sufficient possibilities for resume-building projects in various specialty areas, like machine learning and analytics.

2) More Money

In a recent survey by Spiceworks, approximately 59 percent of IT pros said they don’t think they are being paid what they deserve, and 69 percent said they’d switch jobs to expand their skill set, which could lead to a bigger paycheck down the road. If you’re one of those tech professionals that believes they’re underpaid, a staffing agency can help you get what you deserve.

Staffing agencies keep track of changes in supply and demand based on area of specialization, geography and business sector to ensure that contractors get the going rate for their work. In fact, tech professionals with highly-desirable skill sets often make more on a contract basis than as full-time employees.

3) Contractor Support

If you decide to go the route of independent contractor, you must manage your time, career, billing and cash flow. You’ll also have to find work and take care of paying taxes, finding insurance and handling other issues.

Staffing firms can take care of a lot of these issues related to contract work, simplifying this approach to a career.

4) Career Insights

Top-tier staffing agencies have significant market intelligence and can offer advice based on your experience and abilities. Because a staffing agency succeeds with its workers succeed, these companies are highly motivated to support individuals’ career development.

5) A Foot in the Door

Tech professions have more options than those in other professions, but they aren’t always able to get the specific job that they want. A staffing company has connections with all kinds of employers and a tech professional gains access to these connections when they decide to work with that company. Going through a staffing agency just might be the best way to get a foot in the door at a specific company.

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