Top 5 Customer Service Techniques That Will Help You in Any Role

04 September, 2019
Top 5 Customer Service Techniques That Will Help You in Any Role

When you hear the term “customer service”, jobs like retail worker or restaurant server might come to mind.  

However, in general terms, almost every job involves some type of customer service. For instance, a supervisor is a kind of customer to whom employees provide the service of productivity: If your boss has an issue with your productivity, it helps to know how to professionally address his or her concerns, so they walk away from the conversation satisfied. 

With this in mind, below is a brief list of customer service techniques that can help you do your job better, regardless of what that job may be. 

1) Use Positive Language 

Language is a major aspect of persuasion, and people develop perceptions about you, and your company, based on the language you use. When responding to questions, use positive language as much as possible because it can make the other person more receptive to what you are saying. For instance, instead of saying, “I can’t do that for your right now,” you could say, “I should be able to get to that in about 45 minutes.” 

2) Read Your “Customer” 

Reading your “customer” is a very valuable technique because it lowers the chances of confusion and miscommunication. Pay attention to any body language and look for clues about their mood, level of understanding and personality type. Reading your customers also helps you to create a personalized experience for them, which everyone appreciates. 

3) Manage Your Time 

Although you should spend as much time as possible with your customers, there is always a limit to what you can achieve. The key is an ability to realize when you just cannot help someone any further. If the other person isn’t happy with your responses or you don’t know how to solve a problem, the best course of action is to bring in someone who can add something to the situation. 

4) Know What You’re Talking About 

When you get into a customer service situation without having all the facts, you’re playing a high-stakes game you don’t need to play. Having a solid foundation of knowledge in place will allow you to walk someone through a complicated process or situation. Having a strong grasp of the subject at hand also help it make a positive impression, even if you can’t fully address someone’s concerns. 

5) Be Prepared for the Unexpected 

Customer service situations often take an unexpected turn. Not being ready for a curveball can leave you in the bad situation of having to think on your feet. 

Because you can’t possibly prepare for every possible scenario, you should have a system in place to handle the unexpected. Know who you should talk to when you need answers, how to approach them and what kind of resolution you are trying to achieve. 

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