Tips For Updating Your Engineering Resume

07 March, 2019
Tips For Updating Your Engineering Resume

It’s that time of the year again: New Year’s resolutions have us looking at career possibilities for 2019 and updating our resumes accordingly.
If you’re looking to spruce up your engineering resume, you should be open to the possibility that it will need more than a few tweaks here and there. Now is the time to review some engineering resume basics and set yourself up for success. Consider the following tips.

Make it mistake-free
Accuracy is vital on engineering projects, and the same applies to engineering resumes. Neglecting to proofread and fix mistakes on the resume can kill your chances of getting a job, and yet basic grammar and typos are mistakes engineers often make. It’s essential to have a well-prepared, professional resume without spelling or grammatical mistakes. Check it several times and have other people review it to ensure it’s free of errors.

Keep is short and sweet
Research has shown the typical hiring manager takes around 30 seconds to screen a resume. That’s not a lot of time to catch someone’s attention.
To grab your reader’s attention as quickly as possible, you need to keep your resume clutter-free. Getting rid of filler causes your most impressive skills and achievements to jump off the page.

Use a Summary section, not an Objective section
A few years back, it was in vogue for a resume to feature an Objective section that tells a potential employer about your current career goals. More recently, the thinking has become that an Objective section can close you off to other career possibilities. This section can also seem redundant, since a hiring manager assumes your objective is to get the job for which you’ve applied.
If you’re changing careers and want to make that apparent, an Objective section might still be useful. Others should go for a Summary section instead. By summarizing your greatest career accomplishments, a Summary section can grab a hiring manager’s attention right off the top.

Make it customizable
January and February shouldn’t be the only time of year when you touch your resume. In fact, you ought to be customizing your resume for each job that you apply to. When you tailor your resume to each job posting, it shows you put significant time and effort in to your application, which doesn’t go unnoticed.
Therefore, you’ll want to set your resume up as a kind of template that can be easily customizable. Bullet points and small blocks of text are much easier to adjust for each application that large blocks of text that you have to sift through.

Include a project list
Based on your engineering skill set and years of experience, you likely have worked on major projects that ought to be listed on your resume. List projects by client or employer and include a short one sentence-description of your contribution on each one and the project outcome.
If your list is very long, consider either only featuring the most impressive projects or attaching a separate ‘project list’ document to your resume.

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