Thinking About Going Back To School? Try A New Job, Here’s Why

25 September, 2018
Thinking About Going Back To School? Try A New Job, Here’s Why

If your friends are getting promotions while you’re feeling stuck in your career, it can be tempting to think about going back to school.

Whether it requires schooling or not, a new job could actually be just what the doctor ordered. Finding the right job opportunity can open your eyes to all that was wrong with your last job. A new job can also allow you to tap into natural abilities that had been lying dormant. Simply put, a new job could unlock your true calling.

If you’re going to stay within your current industry, finding a new job may not require going back to school. If you’re looking to change industries, however, you may need to head back to school for anywhere from a few months to a few years.

Before you start signing up for classes, it’s important to determine what you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to earn a certification to operate machinery for a certain job in your current industry. Or, maybe you want to go back to get a degree to completely switching occupations and career paths. Understanding your career goals allows you to make smart choices about possibly continuing your education.

Going back to school is an investment of both time and money. Therefore, it’s important to know what kind of jobs an education can get you. Below is a list of growing industries with great job prospects and the educational requirements for jobs in those industries.

3 Industries That Are Creating Jobs


In a typical year, there may be as many as 250,000 job openings in the manufacturing sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Traditional manufacturing jobs include machine operators, maintenance technicians and engineers.

Like any other industry, manufacturing has been revolutionized in the past decade or so and the result has been a shake-up of the manufacturing labor market. While there has been less emphasis on traditional manufacturing jobs, which require minimal secondary education, there are growing opportunities for computer engineers and other highly-educated tech workers.


The aerospace sector includes businesses that build commercial aircraft, military craft and related parts. More opportunities are expected to open up in aerospace as the current workforce is rapidly aging. Those who would like to work in aerospace must be interested in the technological advancements that are constantly changing this industry. Many businesses offer on-the-job training: Some offer on-site technical classes and others offer tuition reimbursement.

Many jobs in this industry require an apprenticeship, particularly machinist and electrician jobs. Most organizations want to hire employees with a two-year degree or greater education.


Driven by evolving technology, the automotive sector has become more and more advanced. Service technician and mechanic jobs generally require the completion of a formal training program. Classes in automotive repair, electronics, physics, chemistry, and mathematics offer a solid foundation for a career in today’s automotive industry.

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