These Are the Top Skills Hiring Managers Need to Look for in Engineers

20 May, 2020
These Are the Top Skills Hiring Managers Need to Look for in Engineers

Engineers are highly sought-after professionals and anyone with an engineering degree is in the enviable position of being in-demand by employers. 

However, engineers should still expect competition for jobs, especially for high profile and well-paying positions. If you are currently looking to fill an engineering position, focusing on the following skills can help you get the candidate you want. 

Technical Ability 

Having robust technical abilities will determine an engineer’s capacity to recognize and resolve issues. Candidates looking to showcase their technical abilities should highlight a strong education, technical qualifications and any relevant experience. Technical ability also includes the ability to keep up with emerging technology, industry trends and news. 

Hiring managers should want to see engineering candidates who are willing continue their technical training, since most businesses regularly upgrade systems and software tools.  

Critical Thinking 

Working as an engineer means confronting many different issues and scenarios. Critical thinking involves technical experimentation, but it also involves performing cost-benefit analyses of various projects. 

When an engineer has solid critical thinking abilities, they feel comfortable approaching the myriad issues that invariably come their way on a daily basis.  


Sometimes, engineers are given instructions on how to handle their part in a project, and sometimes must lead a team. The best engineering candidates are capable of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses and abilities of others in order to lead an efficient team. When it comes to leadership, getting along with other engineers is just as essential as being capable of manage competing interests. A leader also has to be capable of inspiring others.  

No leader is perfect, and leadership is a never-ending journey. 


Communication is crucial in both personal and professional life. Engineers must be capable of handling various kinds of communication. They should be able to break down technical material into non-technical terms for written, verbal or face-to-face communication. 

Having good communication abilities is crucial in any engineering job, as it helps with brainstorming, product design and resolving different points of view. Many engineers are expected to interact with clients and major misunderstandings can result in big problems. 


Being an effective team member is required in just about every engineering position. Generally speaking, teamworking is based on having a positive frame of mind towards one’s own abilities, other people and the circumstances they encounter. 

Teamworking ability can be seen in how an engineer collaborates with others, maintains personal relationships in the workplace and handles the work designated to them. 

Attention to Detail 

Engineers regularly deal with extremely complicated projects and this means attention to detail is critical to the job. Getting the details right and ensuring that nothing gets overlooked is vital to the success of any project. 

We Can Help Your Company Identify Top Engineering Candidates 

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