Test These Ways To Take Initiative At Work

19 September, 2019
Test These Ways To Take Initiative At Work

Trying to take more initiative at work is one of those things that sounds easy – but is actually quite difficult to pull off.

Going overboard could mean biting off more than you can chew or being seen as overcompensation. Showing initiative in the wrong moments could also be seen as overstepping your bounds.

Therefore, getting the right balance and timing is crucial when taking initiative. Consider the following ways you can show initiative and gain a positive reputation as a go-getter.

Always Try to Do a Bit Extra

Being able to handle your job duties is, needless to say, critical to your success at work. However, just ‘taking care of business’ alone won’t give you a decent chance to stand out from the pack.

If you want to stand out by showing initiative, you should get in the habit of regularly doing more than what is expected of you. When going the extra mile, it's important to do it in areas where you’ll have significant visibility. While you shouldn’t have to make a show of going the extra mile, it’s important to be recognized for it, or else you run the risk of having extra efforts taken for granted.

Have a Team-First Mentality

An unfortunate possibility associated with taking initiative is being seen as self-serving. Taking on a team-first mentality when showing initiative can insulate you against being seen this way.

When you take a team-first approach to showing initiative, it means that each success and achievement is shard with your entire team. For instance, a process improvement you develop should could designed to benefit your entire team.

Project Confidence

Self-confidence is among the most prominent qualities of successful people, and it can be an extremely effective tool. When you project confidence, it makes your opinions and idea more convincing than if you project insecurity.

One way to develop self-confidence is to concentrate on developing and using your strengths to achieve your goals.

Prepare for Success

Sometimes, an opportunity will come along that you just can't take advantage of because you’re not prepared to do so. Being ready to jump on an opportunity is a big reason to be continuously growing as a person and a professional. Taking the initiative to gain more knowledge and ability helps you to seize more opportunities in the future.

Ask Questions

If you want to take more initiative, you should find out how things work around your company and any ways you can make things better.

To do this, you need to be observant, be curious and ask questions. Attempt to learn how processes work, which people have the most influence and the best ways to approach various challenges. When you are observant and inquisitive, it can trigger new ideas and add to the growth of your career.

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