Temp Jobs Are Going Fast, But There’s A Way to Make Sure You Get Noticed For the Job

14 September, 2018
Temp Jobs Are Going Fast, But There’s A Way to Make Sure You Get Noticed For the Job

With the unemployment rate near record lows, now is the best time to be looking for a new job. Employers’ struggle to fill jobs has also led to a greater need for temporary employees.

According to data from FlexJobs, the quantity of temporary employees has climbed almost 50 percent since the recession. While there are a lot of temporary job out there, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any competition for these positions. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to excel in the job interview.

Interviewing for a temporary job is similar to an interview for a full-time position: You still have to present yourself as the best fit for an open position. However, a temporary job is more transactional situation, with the company is trying to find someone to fill a particular role to meet a surge in business or complete a project. Your capability to indicate that you can fill that role can be the difference between getting the position or carrying on with in your hunt for work.

Consider the following tips on how to stand out with a great interview performance.

Focus on what the employer wants

In a job interview for a full-time position, hiring personnel usually ask interview questions to determine the applicant is both a solid fit for the role and the company’s culture. Temporary jobs are short-term, so hiring managers are less worried about cultural fit. Instead, they’re focused on whether a candidate can handle the position and how fast they can get up to speed.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the job description before the interview, so you understand how and where you meet the requirements and the areas where you may be lacking.

Do your homework

If you’re preparing to interview for a full-time position, it’s a good idea to study a company before an interview to learn about the leadership team, mission, achievements and culture.

Research is still critical for temporary job interviews, but it ought to be more focused. Determine what you can about the particular challenges of the job you’d be doing, and how your abilities and experience can help this company address its challenges.

Emphasize your skills

In the interview, go into your abilities and achievements in as much detail as possible to offer a comprehensive picture of what you could do for the company. Hiring managers want to understand the who, what, where, when and how of your abilities.

If a hiring manage asks about long-term career goals, be careful when replying. This question is often meant to determine your level of commitment to a temporary role. If you say you’re trying to find a permanent job, you may take yourself out of the running. Hiring personnel want to make sure that you will at least stay for as long as they need you and therefore, you need to appear invested in the temporary nature of the role.

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