Temp Careers and Their Benefits to You!

28 November, 2018
Temp Careers and Their Benefits to You!

Whether you are a recent graduate who is looking to switch careers or you’re unemployed, it can be challenging to land a full-time position. Fortunately, there’s a solid alternative: working temporary jobs.
Since the recession, temporary workers have become very popular with companies who want a scalable workforce that doesn’t include the costs associated with health insurance and other benefits. For job seekers, this means more temporary opportunities, which do include career benefits.

Consider the following 7 benefits associated with temporary work.

1. Mental boost
If you’ve been without a job for some time, a temporary position can provide you with the mental boost you need. A temporary job can also give your days structure and a sense of purpose.

2. Income
Being capable of earning an income is generally preferable to unemployment benefits. In many cases, the income you’ll earn will be greater than what you receive via unemployment benefits. In some instances, you may still be qualified to receive unemployment benefits.

3. Closes an “employment gap”
One major challenge when trying to find a new job while unemployed is a gap in your work history, which may be seen as a red flag to some hiring managers. A temporary assignment can fill your current gap, and show you are committed to working, rather than sitting on the couch and collecting unemployment.

4. More work experience
Many businesses aren’t hiring permanent staff members to keep a lid on their overhead, but that doesn’t mean they don't need skilled workers. Quite the opposite, contingent employees are increasingly valuable, since many highly qualified employees like engineers and IT professionals want to do project-based work. It’s very possible to find temporary employment in your chosen career path that allows you to gain experience using valuable skills.

5. Career exploration
If you want to switch your career path, taking a temporary job can allow you to add the experience you need to get a foothold in a new industry. Some companies hire less-experienced workers in temporary positions because it is a low-risk arrangement form their point of view. These kinds of opportunities can also be a way to show how your abilities can transfer from one industry to another.

6. Skills maintenance
One of the worst things about being unemployed is that your expertise can become outdated, especially in fast-moving fields like IT. Temporary work lets you stay up to date by flexing your professional muscles. It can also help you learn new abilities that can be extremely valuable moving forward.

7. Networking
As with working full-time job opportunities, temporary assignments offer you with a chance to expand your network and meet people who may be able to connect you with career opportunities. Network connections can also be professional references for future employment opportunities.
Working alongside potential network connections is the best way to show that you’re someone in the industry who is worth getting to know.

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