Straight Outta College - What Are the Best Jobs for Grads with No Experience?

02 April, 2020
Straight Outta College - What Are the Best Jobs for Grads with No Experience?

Some people are fortunate enough to walk across the stage at college graduation and have a job waiting for them on the other side.  

However, for many people, there’s a real struggle to find that first “real” job. Most people come out of college with zero experience, and when they get into the job market, they're up against folks who do have years of valuable experience.  

A good first step for anybody in any field is to talk to fellow graduates and people who have gone through the same experience before. The career services office at a college or university is also a fantastic resource. There are also countless resources on-line, including career sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. 

Speaking of LinkedIn, the professional networking site recently released a study of the most popular jobs for new graduates; a few of which are listed below. 

Software Engineer 

Opportunities for technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the country, with many great businesses both inside and outside the technology industry that are hiring. Anyone who works in technology will tell you it is a vibrant and dynamic industry with lots of career possibilities. 

There has also been a massive push to enhance diversity in technology fields. In 2019, graduates with a wide range of backgrounds were able to find software engineering jobs.  

Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant position be a valuable first step toward building your experience, investigating an industry or learning how a business actually works. You can also make a career out of this position, possibly becoming an assistant to a high-ranking executive, politician, celebrity or prominent attorney. 

To be an effective administrative assistance, you should have strong organizational and communication skills. You should also be able to handle workday stress and effectively address unexpected issues.  

The starting salary for a typical admin job is about $35,000, with salary varying based on the range of job duties and amount of specialty expertise required. 

Account Executive 

The job of an account executive is similar to that of a sales position, although it usually puts a larger focus on taking care of existing client relationships, rather than trying to source new clients. An account executive's job is to service clients based on contract terms, resources and business demands of the business. If you like customer service and solving puzzles, you are well-suited to an account executive position. 


Sales positions can be a great step toward building valuable abilities that will be useful regardless of what line of work you pursue. When you work in sales, you're constantly talking to new people, dealing with rejection, negotiating and actively listening. Sales jobs are extremely varied, and practically every business needs to employ sales professionals. Salaries start around $31,100, but the typical salesperson earns commission and/or performance bonuses. 

We Can Help You Find Your Entry-Level Job 

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