Retention Tips To Keep Your Top Talent

20 February, 2019
Retention Tips To Keep Your Top Talent

Bringing in a hard-working, skilled and ethical employees is no easy task, and getting top employees to come onboard is only meaningful if you can to hold onto them.
Unless you’re a highly-prestigious employer like Google, retaining top talent can feel like constant, heavy lifting. Your best staff members may think the grass is greener somewhere else is because the grass is probably is greener for these highly-skilled professionals, they just need to find that elusive, ideal opportunity.
With this challenge in mind, consider the following tips on how to keep your top talent happy.

How To Keep Top Work Performers Happy

1. Understand their compensation expectations
Even though you might not know what the average salary is for a given position, rest assured the person working in that position probably does. If you’re not meeting the compensation expectations of your top workers, you’re basically asking them to walk out the door.
Given that the cost of replacing a top employee can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more, it just makes financial sense for you to pay your top employees what they expect.

2. Challenge them
Good employees might get satisfaction out of doing routine tasks for a little while, but after time, the same old workday routine gets stale and boring.
If you would like retain your top talent, you have to give them chances to flex their many skills. Give staff members you want keep responsibilities that call for creativity and unique skills and come with higher expectations. Not only will this kind of work put a feather in the caps of top staff members, it will also help identify less ambitious employees.

3. Be transparent
Top employees typically succeed because they understand what is going on around them and how their good work fits into the larger picture. This level of awareness also means it is much harder to pull the wool over their eyes.
If you truly want to keep your top talent, you need to keep them in the loop. Hold frequent meetings where staff members can voice their ideas, concerns and questions. Open-door policies also encourage staff members talk about issues with management before problems get out of hand or start impacting morale.

4. Invest in skills development
Businesses can reap the benefits of internal training and upskilling in more ways than one. With surveys regularly showing employees want training opportunities, educating staff members will boost morale while expanding skillsets and raising productivity.

5. Support work-life balance
Surveys also regularly show employees care a lot about work-life balance and company policies that support it, such as flexible schedules or telecommuting. In addition to adopting these policies, extra personal days as rewards or summer hours are also great ways to create a workplace that people don’t want to leave.

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