Recruitment Tactics To Deepen Your Candidate Pool

17 October, 2018
Recruitment Tactics To Deepen Your Candidate Pool

You’ve likely read a lot about branding in the labor market and the importance of positioning your business as a desirable place to work.

A “talent brand” includes the values, personalities and opinions of people in an organization. Therefore, companies have to think about how they’re cultivating an internal business culture, and not just what they are projecting to the public. Having a thoughtful approach to both internal and external branding will help your company get noticed in the competitive talent market, appeal to high-quality applicants and boost employee engagement.

Consider the following steps to strengthen your talent brand and deepen your candidate pool.

Interview top employees

To be able to attract and hire top talent into your company, you have to know what motivates them. Developing well-defined talent profiles allows you to generate messaging that will ignite interest or action from the most desirable talent. It also helps to make sure that you’re focused on the kind of applicants you want seeking your jobs.

Define your applicant profiles by performing interviews with your existing workers. Be aware of goals, preferences, challenges and any unique qualities among your top employees. These conversations can also be used to help define your company’s overall culture.

Reinforce core values

While a company’s culture comes from the top down, its core cultural values should be defined by the shared qualities of employees. For instance, trying to instill a youthful, hip company culture will be more difficult if most employees are older.

Core values shape the foundation of your business culture and guide how decisions are made. Everything from public relations campaigns to performance incentives should all be informed by your core values. If company management doesn’t walk and talk core values, it significantly decreases their importance.

Communicate values internally

Communicating company values internally can be carried out in several ways, with the communication efforts informed by the values themselves. For instance, if you use an intranet and your culture includes a tech emphasis, use your internal system to do the majority of values-oriented communications. If your business is looking to emphasise a more traditional culture, use a monthly newsletter as the main channel for communications.

While you should use every channel to reinforce and communicate your culture, it’s important to remember every decision has to reflect company values. Use your communications to continuously reinforce values and remind staff members why things are being doine the way they are.

Interview for culture fit

Once you’ve clearly defined your company value and culture, it’s essential to use them in building your team. Moving forward, the people you hire should share many attributes with those of top performers. Interview questions should be dedicated to evaluating candidates’ values, preferences and character traits.

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