Quanta Employee Spotlight - Virgil Kamlley

03 April, 2020
Quanta Employee Spotlight - Virgil Kamlley

Today's Quanta Employee Spotlight shines on Virgil Kamlley.

Virgil joined Quanta US recently on February 24, 2020.  He supports one of our clients as a Mechanical Installer in the Rail Car Industry in California.  

The reason Virgil recently chose to join the Quanta team was because he saw this as an opportunity to fine tune his skills and gain experience in a new industry that he would be able to take with him through the rest of his career and continue to grow.  When we asked Virgil what he enjoys most about his current role he told us that it really feels like a family environment and everyone looks out for one another.  Virgil also enjoys that in this particular role there is so much versatility and it never gets repetitive.  Quanta and our clients strive to provide a great work experience for our employees where they can develop their skills and really feel a part of the team.  With Quanta being a family owned company we love to hear that people are really feeling that throughout as it is important to us that each and every employee feels like they are a part of our family.  

Virgil is currently working in a very hard hit area by COVID19.  To help spread some positivity we wanted to ask our employees what is keeping them positive during this very uncertain time in the world.  Virgil let us know that he finds "peace and positivity while planting and gardening".  Finding fun hobbies and activities to do during this unprecedented time in the world is important for keeping you positive.  Thank you Virgil for all of the hard work you are performing, we appreciate you as a member of our team and good luck with your gardening!   

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