Quanta Employee Spotlight - Tiffany Chisholm

18 September, 2020
Quanta Employee Spotlight - Tiffany Chisholm

Quanta Employee Spotlight for National Staffing Employee Week shines on Tiffany Chisholm.

Tiffany started working for Quanta US in August of 2019.  Tiffany supports a major Helicopter Manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA as an AOG Customer Order Administrator. Tiffany is responsible for responding to incoming customer calls and providing assistance to their orders od aircraft components.  She also performs research to ensure the selection of the correct part to meet all requirements by both customer and aviation standards.  

What Tiffany enjoys most about her current assignment is that  "Every day is differnt".  Tiffany finds that everyday is a new experience which keeps her on her toes and evertyday is a new opportunity to help a customer.  Tiffany has leanred a great deal in her role.  She has learned all about the different types of aircrafts and their compoenents and finds it all very interesting learning about how even some of the smallest parts of an aircraft can determine it's airworthiness.

What motivates Tiffany each day to continue working hard is family. Tiffany said her family is the reason that she works hard everyday as she wants to make them proud.  In her spare time she likes to spend time with family, take vacations (although this year was tough) and just relax.  Tiffany I am sure you have already made your family proud and make Quanta proud each and everyday with the way you represent both us and our client with your hardwork and determination. Thank you Tiffany for choosing to work with Quanta US.

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