Quanta Employee Spotlight - Jason Morales

07 April, 2020
Quanta Employee Spotlight - Jason Morales

Today's Quanta Employee Spotlight shines on Jason Morales.

Jason has worked for Quanta US for over 3 years.  He supports one of our clients who is a major Helicopter Manufacturer in their warehouse facility. 

The reason Jason chose to join the Quanta team was because he saw this as an opportunity to gain experience, wisdom and knowledge in the Aviation field.  Jason has the mentality that there is always something to learn and you cannot put a price on knowledge.  When we asked Jason what he enjoys most about his current role he told us that he has "one of the coolest jobs in the world" as he gets to see beautiful aircrafts get built, and knows he is a part of it, which is very fulfilling for him.  Quanta works with each of our applicants to find them that career opportunity that not only fits their skill set but get's them excited to go into work each day. 

Like most areas today, Jason lives and works in a community greatly impacted by the coronavirus and to help spread some positivity we wanted to ask our employees what is keeping them positive during this very uncertain time in the world.  Jason keeps a positive mindset by playing board games, binge watching shows and movies and having great conversations with his family, friends and loved ones.  Jason told us "it is crucial to keep a positive mind and happy spirit" during this rough patch in our world and we couldn't agree more.  Thank you Jason for your several years of work with Quanta US and helping us spread some positivity!

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