Quanta Employee Spotlight - James Bailey

14 April, 2020
Quanta Employee Spotlight - James Bailey

Today's Quanta Employee Spotlight shines on James Bailey.

James started working for Quanta US in January of this year.  He supports one of our clients who is a major Helicopter Manufacturer as a QC Inspector where he is responsible for the inspection of the aircrafts and components to determine airworthiness. 

The reason James chose to join the Quanta team was to gain experience with a new aircraft, helicopters.  James spent most of his career working with airplanes and jumped at the chance to be able to learn new applications that related to helicopters.  "I look forward to increasing my aviation prowness, expanding my horizons in understanding the applications and operations of rotorcraft vs. fixed-wing aircraft".  James ultimate goal is to obtain his drone pilot license and hopes this position will help provide him with a different perspective on aircrafts he can take forward with him.  He is also excited at the chance to work with other's at the facility especially those new to the Aviation industry to be able to be a role model to them and inspire them to continue to grow the field of Aviation. 

Like most areas today, James lives and works in a community greatly impacted by the coronavirus and to help spread some positivity we wanted to ask our employees what is keeping them positive during this very uncertain time in the world.  He stays positive by keeping a good sense of humopr and setting actionable goals for the future that he can look forward to.  One of those goals was his dream to get his drone pilot license, so he signed up for a course and studies everyday during this time, which is helping to keep him positive knowing he is getting closer to his goal.  You are a dedicated and hardworking and here at Quanta we have no doubt you will reach your goal!  Thank you James for choosing to work with Quanta US and helping us spread some positivity! 

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