OSHA Safety Manual - 5 Ways To Stay Compliant For That Next Inspection

06 May, 2020
OSHA Safety Manual - 5 Ways To Stay Compliant For That Next Inspection

Just one OSHA violation can severely damage a company's financial status. 

Fortunately, there are a number of steps that any business can take to steer clear of compliance issues and costly fines. By sticking to these straightforward guidelines, management and workers stay compliant the next time OSHA comes calling. 

1)  Build a Culture of Safety 

Unfortunately, some employees are afraid to mention safety concerns due to fear of retribution. If you want to remain compliant, you should build a culture in which staff members are encouraged to speak up. Your staff members are the ones with intimate knowledge of safety matters on the ground. They often see things management doesn’t. 

In the pursuit of this culture, you ought to develop a system for staff members to anonymously report possible hazards.  

2) Develop a Rigorous Auditing Process 

It’s never too far gone to roll out a new auditing system. You can remain on top of your company's auditing through high visibility. Find out the problems in your company and develop strategies to address them. This will allow you to both gather important information and fix problems in your facility.  

A high-quality auditing system will also help to keep OSHA standards top of mind. 

3) Prioritize Accuracy in Recordkeeping 

A good way to score a few easy points with your OSHA inspector is to ensure your records are organized and accessible. Obviously, digitizing your safety record is a must. This makes all of you documents and past audits readily accessible for easy reference. 

4) Use Technology 

OSHA-related apps can help you remain on top of regulations and the latest workplace safety practices inspections by leaning on mobile technology. This can help lower the amount of time and money invested in safety measure and processes that have become outdated.  

Safety apps aren't just for management. A mobile app can give you team the tools and information they need to remain compliant. With the typical app, users can access standard inspection forms, best safety practices and emergency routines. Furthermore, some apps help with gathering information, enabling the constant tracking, evaluating and correcting of safety issues. 

5) Always Be Ready 

With the stakes of an inspection being relatively high, just the prospect of a fine can be intimidating. If you develop a readiness plan and prepare regularly, it can significantly boost you ability to pass inspection and calm any potential nerves.  

A key step toward preparing employees is to hold practice interviews. These can help make certain staff members what happens during an inspection and their responsibility in that process. Another key step is to regularly hold mock “surprise inspections" that are designed to catch staff members off-guard. 

We Can Help Your Company Remain Compliant 

At Quanta, we help our clients remain compliant by connecting them to job candidates with a strong track record of safety. If your company is currently looking to shore up its staffing situation, please contact us today

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