Learn Tips for How to Connect with Your Interviewer

23 December, 2020
Learn Tips for How to Connect with Your Interviewer

While its always critical to be courteous and professional during a job interview, building a rapport with your interviewer is also essential to getting a good result.

Employers are trying to find candidates who can naturally interact and contribute to a pleasant work culture. If you struggle to connect with your interviewer, she or he will find it more difficult to imagine you working well with others in the company, so it is critical to make a strong, personable impression.

Keep in mind that your preparation ought to go beyond what responses you'll need to succeed. You also need to consider how to respond on a personal level. The suggestions listed below can help you bring a significant interpersonal element to your next interview.

Start the Right Way

First and foremost, it’s important to get your personal greetings right. Doing this is a bit less straightforward in an era of social distancing.

If you’re in a remote interview, you’ll have to practice immediately projecting enthusiasm through a webcam. Practicing on your own smartphone camera can help you figure out your best look.

If you’re on an in-person interview, the proper etiquette right now is to not shake hands. This can be particularly hand to remember for some people.

Use Body Language to Your Benefit

Research show we get a lot of information during personal interactions from body language. Therefore, it’s critical to pay attention to your own body language during an interview.

Don't slouch and when you're sitting, lean forward slightly, to better engage and indicate you're paying close attention to what your interviewer is saying.

Natural-feeling eye contact also is very important, as it indicates you are paying attention to what the other person saying. When you're feeling self-conscious, a good rule of thumb is to make long enough to see the color of the other person's eyes.

Show Interest in Both the Job and the Person

Obviously, you want to show genuine interest in the open position. It also helps to convey an interest in your interviewer, especially during your first interactions. Ask a few polite questions about them, such as how long they've been with the company and if they are from the same area where they're working. Casual small talk prior to the formal interview helps put both of you at ease and make it easier to build a rapport.

Follow-Up Right Away

After the interview, follow up within 12 hours by sending a thank you email. In your follow-up, bring up particular moments from your conversation that highlight why you're a good fit for the job. Male sure to mention that you enjoyed meeting them and hope to have the chance to work together. If you have met before, add something a bit more casual, like a reference to a personal detail they mentioned.

We Can Help with Your Interview Prep

At Quanta, we often help people with their interview preparation and that assistance is even more useful now, given all of the complications associated with COVID-19. Please contact us today to find out how we can make your next application process a whole lot easier.

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