Learn How to Turn Your Top Employees into Leaders

07 October, 2020
Learn How to Turn Your Top Employees into Leaders

Cultivating new leadership is vital for any business, but this type of employee development isn’t always prioritized as it should be, partly due to the realities of employee turnover and business demands.

Ironically, leadership development efforts can actually improve employee retention and productivity, as well as boost job satisfaction and the company's employer brand.

While formal leadership development plans are effective, one of the best ways to groom top employees for leadership is to model essential leadership principles. With an eye toward grooming top employees for future leadership roles, below is a short list of principles you should be modeling.

Active Listening

Great leaders are great listeners: They know that active listening helps them learn the various personality styles of their team members, pick up on shifts in mood and learn the rhythms of their team. This kind of social awareness is possibly the most difficult skill to teach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t model active listening for top employees.

Understand the individual and group dynamics of your team, you can then assign tasks that speak to strengths and weaknesses.

Smart Transparency

An effective team is built on clarity with respect to processes, objectives, developments and responsibility. For leaders, transparency should not mean inundating employees with pressure and responsibility. Managers ought to be filtering the demands coming from top executives and translating them into goals, structures and strategies for employees.

Transparency is about having faith in your staff to make good choices and giving everybody the access that they need for success. Employees don't need to know about all the pressures and deliberations going on above them in the organization. Recognize the limited time your staff has and give them most essential information.

If you’re actively listening and fostered a health atmosphere, staff members will ask you when they need more information.

Trust and Shared Responsibility

Good leaders know: trust breeds trust. To earn the essential trust of your employees, you need to trust them to do a good job and let them know that you will support them when things go wrong. This level of trust is invaluable for your top employees. Not only will it enable them to do a great job, it also shows them the value of trust from leadership.

Once a leader trusts their team and the team members trust their leader, it sets the stage for shared responsibility. Business leaders are ultimately accountable for the planning and oversight of projects and processes. The team is responsible for the implementation of the plan. When the team achieves success, it’s because everyone worked hard. When the team fails, the leader is not absolved from blame.

When top employees see their leader willing to take sufficient blame for failures, it can actually be inspiring.

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