Keeping Top Talent Takes Mindfulness

09 December, 2020
Keeping Top Talent Takes Mindfulness

Mindfulness is often described as a focus on the present, and not ruminating about the past or obsessing about the future.

During the workday, the mindset of any given employees changes considerably: Someone may be paying close attention during a morning meeting but later in the afternoon, they’re staring out the window and thinking about dinner.

Concentrating on mindfulness has a large number of rewards for workplaces and companies. Generally speaking, mindfulness-based techniques that are believed to boost worker performance, well-being and overall mood. A company culture that includes a mindfulness component will find it easier to attract, hire and retain top talent.

Below is list of reasons why mindfulness can help your company stockpile top talent.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Mindfulness can positively improve job satisfaction among your workers because it facilitates a more adaptive mindset toward on-the-job challenges. Basically, when a major challenge appears, a worker with mindfulness training is more able to think about solutions with a more objective stance, which can open up a greater range of possible answers. When an employee is better at solving the problems they face, they are much more likely to be satisfied in their work.

Lower Chronic Stress

Persistent stress is a prevalent problem in modern society, and it is particularly acute at work. To make matters worse, chronic on-the-job stress has been shown to cost American companies as much as $150 billion annually.

Proven to be effective against chronic stress, mindfulness can decrease stress within your workforce and fortify resilience against adversity.

Better Leadership and Leadership Development

Too little self-awareness is one of the most common weaknesses among high-level professionals. Considering the fact that self-awareness is at the core of mindfulness, boosting mindfulness in your leadership team will make them better at doing their jobs, and this will be appreciated most by top talent.

Also, mindfulness can have a big part in the success of high-potential staff members who are in line for leadership roles. Therefore, a mindfulness program can be a very effective supplement to the leadership development initiatives a company already has in place.

Higher Engagement

Mindfulness is also crucial on the job because it can strengthen engagement and reduce burnout. It has been shown that employee engagement is directly related to higher job satisfaction, reduced turnover and better collaboration.

Mindfulness programs can support company efforts to foster a sense of community and organizational dedication - particularly in high-stress fields.

Better Change Management

Mindfulness can assist companies that are going through organizational change, something every company has had to do in the face of COVID-19. Study reveals that workplace change often fails due to worker resistance. Mindfulness can help staff members sort out the emotions they go through during times of change, as it can help cope with the loss of control that people often feel during major change.

We Fully Support Our Clients Employee Engagement Efforts

At Quanta, we fully understand the value of mindfulness training and other employee engagement efforts. If your company is currently looking for a supportive talent acquisition partner, please contact us today.

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