Job Search and Career Development Tips for This May

28 April, 2021
Job Search and Career Development Tips for This May

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected reshaped career paths in just about every field, and just about every working professional should consider recalculating their career development methods moving forward.

Below are just a few tips on how you can advance your career in a post-COVID reality.

Embrace Remote Work Possibilities

The pandemic has changed the way in which quite a few employers look at remote work, and it’s improbable that the number of employees who report to an office will ever go back to pre-pandemic levels. Almost certainly, some businesses will fully incorporate remote work moving forward, and others will leverage flexible models.

For many people, the trend toward remote work has opened up all kinds of new job possibilities, both in the US and beyond. Job seekers can now not just apply to jobs in their area, but also to remote jobs in the United Kingdom, Australia or anywhere in the world.

Watch for Trends and Make Adjustments

In the current hiring market, it is critical to know who's hiring and who isn't. To keep on top of what’s happening in the labor market, take a look at news and industry websites that keep track of business and hiring trends. Subscribe to newsletters, follow businesses on social media and take note of the kinds of job postings you’re discovering on job boards, as well as the kinds of businesses posting them.

As you stay on top of labor trends in your field, modify your job search accordingly. This could mean trying to get jobs you wouldn’t have thought about previously, considering a new industry, undertaking some freelance work, identifying creative approaches to improve your skill set, or testing out different search strategies.

Focus on Pandemic Industries

While the pandemic decimated industries like hospitality, COVID actually placed a greater importance on other industries, like healthcare and technology. The pandemic will not only keep these industries relevant through 2020, the tech and healthcare industries will be expanding for the foreseeable future.

Stay Nimble and Adapt

Irrespective of what businesses and industries you’re keeping an eye on, you’ll want to concentrate on making yourself the best candidate possible. Scrutinize the capabilities you have from your current and previous jobs, and then figure out which abilities will be most relevant in this current environment. Then, consider which areas need development. This may require taking on new project or enrolling in online classes.

If the majority or all of your experience is in an industry that’s been decimated by the pandemic, you may want to think about jobs in a different field where your abilities would translate well. When planning a change, it’s crucial to learn as much as you can on the position or industry you’re targeting. Have a look at job postings and consider how your abilities relate. Also, view the LinkedIn profiles of people who have the position you want and take note of their skills and work history.

We Can Help You Navigate Your Post-COVID Career Path

At Quanta, we are working tirelessly to help job seekers find opportunities for 2021 and beyond. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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