Interviews Tips from The People That Actually Do The Hiring

18 April, 2018
Interviews Tips from The People That Actually Do The Hiring

Ahead of a big game, football coaches would love to get the other team’s playbook so they could anticipate play calls. When you get interview tips from a hiring manager, it’s almost like getting a peek into their playbook.

Because we’re always looking out for you, the job seeker, here are a few tips for your next interview that are based on what hiring managers say they are looking for in a candidate.

Interview Tips

Tip #1: Don’t forget to listen

Probably due to nerves, many people get into an interview situation and feel the need to talk constantly. The problem with try to fill in the awkward silences is that you run the risk of saying something foolish or looking like you are trying to dominate the conversation.

Before you pick up the phone or walk in for an interview, take a deep breath and think about really paying attention to what your interviewer is saying. It’s important to be able to pick up on conversational cues or little tidbits of information. Listening carefully and speaking with purpose also gives you a chance to really think through your responses and give quality answers.

Tip #2: Write a killer cover letter

Too many candidates write generic cover letters. Or, they write customized cover letters, but are so afraid of making a mistake, they end up writing something bland and uninspiring.

Hiring personnel see cover letter as the first chance to really get to know a candidate and find out why they could be the perfect person for the job. Therefore, it’s important for you to write a cover letter than really connects with your reader.

Yes, the content of your cover letter should largely reflect information that can be found on your resume. However, hiring managers can tell when you put real passion into it, and will prioritize your application if you do.

Tip #3: Mind your manners

Whenever you speak to or email a hiring manager, he or she will likely be thinking, “Can this person get along with the rest of the team, day-in and day-out over the course of many years?”

When you have bad manners, it will cause the hiring manager to have serious reservations about your ability to get along with others. Make sure you act pleasantly and professionally whenever you interact with people at a potential employer. Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking and always say “please” and “thank you.”

Tip #4: Do your research and use it

Hiring personnel expect you to research their company and the job you are seeking. If they think you haven’t done your homework, you’ll come off as unprofessional and lacking passion.

Also, if you’ve done your research, you need to use it! Speak up and mention any interesting tidbits you dug up or ask any questions your research raised.

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