How You Can Improve Your Staff's Performance by Adding Mindfulness to Your Organization

02 April, 2020
How You Can Improve Your Staff's Performance by Adding Mindfulness to Your Organization

In our modern era of constant connectivity, the concept of mindfulness is enjoying a surge in popularity, and for good reason. Research on mindfulness has shown it can be effective for treating all kinds of mental health issues. 

At work, it can be challenging to tune out distractions and commit your complete attention to a task in front of you. Being mindful means staying focused, relaxed and effective. If you would like to decrease the impact stress has on you and help your staff members become more effective, you should look to bring mindfulness concepts into your company with the following strategies.  

Begin a Conversation around Mindfulness 

Mindfulness can be daunting to the uninitiated. Some may not understand that mindfulness includes a broad range of methods and ideas. Beginning a discussion where effective methods and ideas are discussed can help de-mystify the idea of mindfulness. 

Offer Way to Practice Mindfulness 

As an advocate for mindfulness, it is your responsibility to help your employees experience it themselves. Providing people with some straightforward techniques can help them become more conscious of how they feel and respond to their own emotions. Mindfulness techniques can help make them more cognizant of their inner being and outside forces. They can help your employees be more effective in their listening and communication, increasing the overall degree of mindfulness in your organization. 

Emotionally Connect to Others 

To be a mindful leader, you should be emotionally present, particularly when people stressed. To really comprehend the emotional reality of people, prioritize connecting with them on an emotional level. Help them confront their own emotional challenges and connect your team on a personal level. Without emotional connections, employees won't be able to do their best. 

Don't Micromanage 

Mindful leaders don't control every single minute of their employees' days. You can support mindfulness among your staff members by giving them adequate space and time.  

Stress is a massive obstacle to mindfulness, and micromanagement is a cause of employee stress. So, avoid hovering. Show trust in your team, encourage free thinking and allow room for creativity. 

Bring Mindfulness into Meetings 

At the outset of each meeting, take a moment or two for silence and quiet breathing. While it might seem silly at first, making time for quiet breathing makes mindfulness an action item in your meetings. It also feeds into the culture of mindfulness that you are trying to create. 

Block Out 'Unstructured' Time For Yourself and Your Employees 

One of the best ways to support mindfulness is to purposely make time for it in the schedule. Purposefully blocking out unstructured time gives the mind and body a chance to slow down. Ideally, this could be a time for mindfulness exercises, but setting aside time in the workday to refresh and recharge with stress-less activities is valuable enough on its own. 

We Can Help Make You a More Mindful Leader 

At Quanta, we help company leaders be more mindful and effective by connecting them with custom talent services and solutions. Please contact us today to find out how we can support your various leadership initiatives. 

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