How To Manage Your Professional Reputation Effectively

22 January, 2019
How To Manage Your Professional Reputation Effectively

Developing a solid professional reputation can be gratifying: If feels good to know you have the respect of the men and women around you.
In addition to that, an excellent reputation can provide you with more tangible value, such as job offers, higher pay, more autonomy and a greater sense of career security.
Maintaining a good professional reputation isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. Building a good reputation requires professional courtesy, integrity, hard work, teamwork and openness to criticism.

Professional courtesy
Almost everybody knows it’s a good idea to treat your boss with courtesy and respect. But those with a good reputation tend to treat everyone this way, from the interns to the temporary employees to the person selling coffee in the lobby. Treat everybody with warmth and they will think of you warmly.
Being courteous and professional is particularly critical during times of stress. If you lose your cool on a colleague, complain to a client or storm out of a meeting in anger, it can erase years of professional behavior.

Whether it’s finishing a project, giving timely responses to emails or giving useful feedback, doing what you said you would do has a massive positive impact on your reputation, as people tend to like those they can count on.

Hard work
Working hard sounds easy enough, but distractions are everywhere, from chit-chatting around the water cooler to checking Facebook. While you shouldn’t feel pressure to work like a tireless machine, you should strive to be one of the hardest workers in your company.
This should include occasionally going above and beyond expectations. People often avoid going beyond the basic expectations of their job, because they’re worried about not being compensated or recognized for it. But when you regularly exceed expectations, you generally get rewarded, if not in the short term, in the long-term. Being know and the guy or gal who goes above and beyond can attract job offers and earn strong professional endorsements.

One of the quickest ways to develop a good reputation is to help those around you without anticipating anything in return. Regularly help co-workers on a project or a network contact with a job recommendation. Those who are generous with their assistance form strong bonds and become known as a valuable resource.

An open mind
Those who are great at what they do usually want to find out how they might be even better. They’re not so insecure that they can’t take criticism.
Asking for feedback shows confidence in your work and humility. Having an open mind also helps you learn where you could improve and taking action on criticism makes you a more valuable professional.
An open mind also helps you to overcome bias. We all have our blind spots and talking to those different from you can help you overcome this weakness.

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