How to Immediately Make New Employees Feel Welcome

12 August, 2020
How to Immediately Make New Employees Feel Welcome

The first day at a new job can be stressful, and it is management's responsibility to make certain that new hires don’t get a bad first impression, as this can lead to a problematic tenure. 

A warm welcome can set new workers on the path to long-term success with your company. Ample preparation, good communication, strong guidance and personal attention are all key factors to integrating new employees. 

Below are a few suggestions on how you can make new employees feel a bit more like a part of your team. 

Connect New Employees and Managers 

After someone accepts a job offer, they should be congratulated and connected to their new manager as quickly as possible. Onboarding systems can allow new hires to fill out the necessary paperwork before their first day and get to know their new boss. Taking this step ahead of the first day means having more precious time to integrate new hires on a personal level.  

Set the Stage 

Welcoming new employees is a team effort and a successful team effort requires getting everyone on the same page. 

Before a new employee’s first day, make sure everyone knows their name, their last employer or school they just graduated from, their relevant skills and any other useful information about them. Have the new employee’s work area set up and make sure they have all the tools their need to hit the ground running – including any security badges, usernames and passwords. 

Have a Sharable Schedule 

The first week in a new company is often stuffed with questions, misunderstandings, and stress. You can facilitate this transition by clearly laying everything out with a schedule that can be printed out or readily accessed on the company intranet. A good onboarding schedule strikes a strong balance between orientation and the actual responsibilities of the position. With a good schedule, new hires will more readily blend into the new ecosystem while also feeling useful. 

Lean into Introductions 

Focus on making formal introductions throughout a new hire's entire first week. Leaning into introductions can cultivate team unity while helping new hires with the overwhelming task of meeting a lot of new people in a short period of time. Try to help new workers get a sense of their new colleagues without forced social interactions. Straightforward, casual introductions are usually the best way to make good first impressions. 

Set Up an Easy First Win 

Sometimes, new hires feel like they’re on a perpetual treadmill of training. Giving new hires an early win will boost their confidence, make them feel useful and establish some positive momentum. When a new hire knows they’re capable of making a contribution early on and they’re doing things right, it will accelerate their acclimation. 

We Can Be Your Onboarding Partner 


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