How Does Teamwork Impact Production Results?

17 December, 2019
How Does Teamwork Impact Production Results?

Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say, and for companies, that dream is high productivity.

Workers often have to collaborate to complete tasks, finish projects and hit organizational goals. Keeping that in mind, it's easy to see why optimizing teamwork in your organization can lead to superior efficiency and greater overall success. All things considered, when everybody in a team works together seamlessly, effectiveness and quality are maintained at a high level, the company culture is vibrant and job satisfaction levels are high.

If you are looking for performance, supporting teamwork is a fantastic way of achieving that objective. While there are several ways to support great teamwork, some simpler to than others to enact. Below are three practical ways to support effective teamwork in your company.

Prioritize Team Recognition

Recognizing your staff members for individual performances is a standard approach to strengthen employee engagement and inspire high productivity. Even though it is effective, individual recognition does not take an entire team’s work into account. The result of focusing solely on the individual can be unhealthy competition and individual rivalries. Normally, integrating group rewards into an employee recognition program is a good way to avoid being too focused on the individual.

Through a team recognition program, your company can reward the successful performances of various groups. With time, this encourages more efficient teamwork, as everybody gains from the cumulative work of the team.

As with individual rewards, groups rewards should match the level of achievement. Whether it's a public “thank you” or a monetary bonus, a reward should always be thoughtful and genuine.

Let Your Staff Be Social

Although keeping your team concentrating on their tasks at hand is helpful from an efficiency point of view, you should steer clear of clamping down on benign social interactions. When staff members connect with each other on a personal level, it boosts a sense of comradery and team unity. Socialization allows staff members to become more familiar with one another's work habits, weaknesses and strengths. Socialization also supports empathy, further improving team chemistry, and minimizing conflict.

Outline Clear Expectations

When staff members have to pull together, having clearly defined expectations and responsibilities can be quite helpful. This cuts down on the degree of ambiguity over who must handle which tasks. Furthermore, it rises overall accountability, as everybody understands their role in the grand scheme of things, along with the roles of their teammates.

Likewise, setting expectations produces a strong framework for any team. Once team members have direction and a sense of how success is determined, they have a strong path forward to their objective(s). Setting expectations also helps to ensure that there are not any misconceptions relating to priorities or standards.

We Can Support Good Teamwork at Your Organization


At Quanta, we believe that good teamwork starts with good employees, and our job is to provide our clients with those good employees. Please contact us today to find out how we can support good teamwork at your organization.

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