How Do You Find the Hard-to-Find People and Passive Job Seekers?

18 August, 2021
How Do You Find the Hard-to-Find People and Passive Job Seekers?

Hiring has always been easier for some positions, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this harsh reality.

For jobs that require a more general skill set, there are many candidates to pick from, while jobs that require niche skills are the most difficult to fill. Furthermore, COVID-19 has put a damper on job searching, as people navigate issue like childcare and the effects of economic uncertainty on their profession.

Typically, tough-to-fill positions will require more than just posting on various internet job boards. Niche jobs call for an active recruitment of passive candidates.

A passive candidate is a person who isn't out there pounding the (virtual) pavement every day in search of a new position. Generally, passive candidates are satisfied with their present position. While courting passive candidates tends to be a reliable way to fill niche positions, these individuals can offer more than just basic labor. People who transition directly from another employer bring health professional habits, new ideas and tribal knowledge.

Because passive candidates don’t look at internet job boards, your approach to recruiting them needs to be different. Below are a few ways to go beyond job boards and bring passive candidates into your company.

Build a Database

A database to keep applicant data could be invaluable when looking to hire passive candidates. A previous applicant may not have been a strong fit for a past open position, but they could be ideal for future openings. Such a database could include information on past applicant skills, experiences, strengths and weaknesses.

Many businesses use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to record and store applicant information. When it's time to look for passive candidates, a keyword search can be used to pull up potential fits for the open position. For instance, a keyword search “UX/UI” could pull up all of the past applicants with that skill set. From that point, the field can be narrowed down based on other factors.

Use Referrals

Another approach to recruiting passive candidates is to implement an employee referral program. When set up and supported correctly, referral programs significantly broaden a candidate pool. Also, your employees likely have a strong understanding of the kind of people your company needs to stand out.

Ask workers to refer candidates in exchange for some type of incentive, such as a bonus for each new hire that makes it to the six-month mark. Regularly promote the program and highlight successful employees who were hired via referral.

Use Social Media

Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are invaluable when it comes to finding and recruiting passive job seekers.

In addition to posting the usual content about your company and your industry, your social media profiles show off the best parts about working for your company. Also, interacting with people in positive and meaningful ways can help build a pool of potential applicants. Then, when you post an open position, the passive job seekers who follow you are more likely to apply.

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