How Distracted Driving Is Pushing the Limits of Automotive Technology

06 May, 2020
How Distracted Driving Is Pushing the Limits of Automotive Technology

Distracted driving can be deadly, period. 

Because of the risk involved, car makers, tech companies and even service providers are developing solutions to distracted driving. Ironically, we are currently developing technology to keep us away from distracting technology.  

Autonomous vehicles may completely solve the problem of distracted driving. However, fully automated driving technology is still a few years away, and current autonomous features aren’t distraction-proof. 

With this in mind, below are a couple ways that distracted driving is pushing the limits of automotive technology.   

Smart Device Connection 

The use of smartphones in vehicles is one of the most significant causes of distracted driving. One step several car makers have started taking to counter the temptation to pull out a smartphone on the road is the capacity to merge smartphone functionality into the car's own system. The newest cars now feature voice-activated device integration, and some even allow for voice-activated music controls and navigation. 

While this approach does help keep a smartphone in a driver's pocket, it still plays a role in distracted driving. Even if you’re looking down at a smartphone screen to respond to text messages or play a song, doing these things is still a distraction that can increase the odds of an accident. 

The critical thing to keep in mind is integrated systems might be safer, but they are still a distraction and should be treated as such. 

Eliminating the Distraction Altogether 

There are a few devices you can connect to your car that lets your wireless provider know when you’re driving a vehicle. The result is a block of all incoming messages and push notifications, along with not allowing you to send texts or check for updates. Anybody who tries to deliver a message to you gets a notification that you're driving, taking out the potential distraction. 

For parents who are concerned about distracted teens driving their vehicle, there are a several apps and smartphone features that can prevent teen drivers from texting. Some GPS-driven apps automatically disconnect texting features as soon as the car gets to a predetermined speed. Others apps or phones have a setting that blocks any messages and calls until it is switched off either manually by the teen or remotely by the parent. 

Even though these apps, features and devices do anything about roadside distractions, or distractions related to adjusting various control, they can help to get rid of technology-related distractions that put drivers and riders at risk. 

The best approach is to simply put your phone in airplane mode or put it out of reach. Regardless of how critical an expected call or text message might be, it’s not worth life or limb. 

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