How Can Your Hiring Stay Competitive With Larger Companies?

28 March, 2018
How Can Your Hiring Stay Competitive With Larger Companies?

Big companies can attract talent with generous compensation packages and amenities, but small businesses have a lot to offer job seekers too.

Instead of trying to go toe-to-toe with the offers of large multi-national corporations, small companies can share a bigger piece of the pie with employees. They can offer more authority and autonomy. They can offer a more relaxed working arrangement. And, small companies can also offer the possibility of growing a career as the company grows.

If your company is concerned about luring talent away from the ‘big dogs’, consider the following advantages your company has over its larger competition.

#1: More Authority and Autonomy

Because they are so large, big corporations tend to have a management structure that is wide and deep. Smaller companies tend to have a flatter structure and that means each person in the company has a great share of authority and autonomy.

The opportunity to have more responsibility and wear many different hats can be very appealing for professionals entering the middle or later stages of their career, especially those who feel frustrated by a massive corporate structure in their current job.

#2: Less Red Tape

When large companies first started out, they were still figuring out policies and as a result, they didn’t have a very structured workplace. As these companies grew, the developed best practices, guidelines, and structures to maintain a high level of efficiency. This increased structure can make things a lot easier for management to handle, but it can be frustrating for employees.

At a smaller company, there are fewer practices in place; tighter interpersonal relationships help a company work through growing pains. Many professionals find a lack of guardrails on their job to be refreshing. It can be easier to enjoy your job when you don’t feel like every aspect of it is being micromanaged.

Furthermore, the small company is more likely to offer flexible scheduling and remote work options. These work arrangements can be very appealing for people seeking an ideal work-life balance.

#3: Room to advance

Large companies have many great jobs. However, people often get into these jobs, realize they have a good thing going and don’t ever leave. For people looking to get into one of these premium jobs, it can be frustrating to realize one of them won’t open up unless somebody retires.

Small companies expand at a much greater rate than large companies and this expansion can mean room for advancement into desirable upper management positions. Many job seekers will be drawn to the possibility of advancement just a few years after getting hired.

#4: A share of the action

Some smaller companies effectively lure in people for upper management positions by offering them a share of profits or ownership. If a company looks like it has significant growth prospects, sharing in the success can be highly appealing.

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