How Can You Increase the Value of All Your New Hires?

16 May, 2018
How Can You Increase the Value of All Your New Hires?

For many new hires, beginning a new job feels like the first day of school: there’s some excitement, some nerves, and some eagerness to make a good impression. A lot of those feelings are caused by unknowns, and for your new hires to add value as quickly as possible, they’ve should understand what it takes to succeed in their specific position.

The best way to have new employees hit the ground running is to supply them with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective as soon as possible. This is where a strong onboarding program comes into play. Effective onboarding programs teach and engage your newest staff members so they become effective members of your company.

Focus on onboarding goals

While new workers must comprehend basic HR and administrative information on pay, benefits and business policies. this information by itself will not set up a new employee with all the understanding necessary to thrive in the first 30 to 90 days.

During this important time, new hires must get a clear understanding on their role and what is expected of them. They must also learn the best practices for doing their job in a new environment. An onboarding program should also work to incorporate new employees with the culture, connecting them with people who are vital to their early success with the company.

Oddly enough, surveys show most onboarding programs do not place adequate emphasis on these areas. Instead, many companies focus mostly on HR and administrative topics, as opposed to information on the specific role and building relationships within the business. To get results, onboarding programs must give attention to information that speaks to the achievement of crucial onboarding goals.

While it takes more thought and time to comprehensively incorporate new workers into their job and the company, doing so accelerates their journey to becoming valuable, contributing members of the company.

Measure onboarding outcomes to refine the process

Companies must measure how new workers are performing and how the onboarding methods are taking hold. Research indicates that the top three techniques for tracking such onboarding outcomes include formal meetings, informal check-ins and surveys.

While meetings, check-ins and surveys are helpful, they are the ‘end all be all’ way to assess an onboarding program. This is because it’s challenging to determine if a new worker is the one who is falling short or if the company is not doing enough to drive success. Due of the vague accountability factor included in assessing an onboarding program, new hires are vulnerable to falling through the cracks, and great new hires end up having an unsuccessful tenure with the company.

In the end, assessing an onboarding program should not be done to lay blame. Instead, the objective should be to work toward positive outcomes for the company, the worker and future new hires.

Are you hiring and need positions filled faster?

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