How Can Quanta Help You Manage Your Workforce

10 June, 2021
How Can Quanta Help You Manage Your Workforce

Given the massive shakeup brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the labor market is extremely tricky right now.

Locating qualified candidates is still demanding for plenty of small businesses. Even prior to COVID, screening applications, interviewing and negotiating salaries all take time away from other commitments, which may wind up harming the company over time. For this reason, some companies opt to work with a staffing agency that can quickly provide high quality candidates of for open positions.

Utilizing a staffing company isn't the right option for all companies, nonetheless, there are convincing reasons to do so. Below are a few details about the typical process.

First Thing’s First

The talent acquisition process begins with a company getting in touch with an agency, which is often one that focuses on their particular industry. The company then details their needs, including the number of workers required, job duties of each job, the timeline and the pay rate.

The staffing agency then writes job descriptions and advertises one or more open roles for their client. The agency may also get in touch with prospective candidates within their talent pool.

Screening Candidates

As soon as candidates start applying to the open role(s), the staffing company evaluates their qualifications, then schedules and conducts initial interviews with the best prospects. The most promising individuals are then presented to the client for review.

A Decision is Made and the Paperwork Begins

Hiring managers or the company owner will then conduct final interviews the agency's selections to to make an ultimate hiring decision. From the client's point of view, reducing the overall process to just a few steps saves a lot of energy, time and resources that would have been spent sorting through low quality applicants.

Most staffing firms deal with the majority of employment paperwork, including any contracts or taxes. Just like quite a few other steps in a typical hiring process, getting rid of time-consuming paperwork lets company leaders focus their attention elsewhere.

The Benefits

The labor market has transformed significantly over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and hiring can take much longer than in the past. Rather than facing these new and unique challenges on their own, a company can leverage a staffing company to save more money and time than usual. A staffing company can ensure time is always spent interviewing good candidates. Even if a high-quality candidate isn't hired, they are more likely to receive a good experience, which can support the company's own talent pipeline and networking efforts.

With companies progressively focusing on freelance, part-time and temporary employees, staffing agencies like Quanta are becoming an even more important resource for quickly sourcing the best type of talent. The freedom that comes with using a staffing firm can be a main driver in the company's ongoing adaptation as it evolves to meet post-COVID business demands.

We Can Help You Meet the Challenges of a Post-COVID World

At Quanta, we’re working with our clients to help them have a nimbler approach to staffing. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company do the same.

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