Hiring Mistakes You Don't Want To Make This Year

13 January, 2021
Hiring Mistakes You Don't Want To Make This Year

Everybody makes “mistkaes”, but the worst mistakes to make are ones that are completely avoidable.

In business, the best way to avoid mistakes is to follow proven, best practices. Below is a short list of common hiring mistakes and the steps hiring personnel should be taking to avoid them.

Failing to Properly Valuing Applicants

Your business should handle its recruitment system in the same way it handles sales. If you come across a high-quality sales lead, you would follow up right away. So why do some businesses keep good applicants in limbo?

Your company should cater to applicants in the same ways it caters to potential customers. Impressing them and providing a great experience should be top priorities.

Not Thinking in Terms of Cost-Benefit

Often, a company will hire one or more new staff members without a clear idea of how they will provide value to offset the costs associated with hiring and employing them. Keep in mind, new staff members require a training and onboarding period, and during this period, they aren’t providing much in the way of value.

If your company is hiring based on expected growth, for instance, you ought to be capable of calculating the ROI on any new positions. If you cannot measure new hires will provide a strong ROI, then your company is potentially looking at a bad situation.

Failing to Attract Talent with Content Marketing

Company branding is fundamental to attracting talent and remaining competitive in the labor market.

Especially right now, companies don't need to blow a ton of cash on TV ads just to get the word out on their working environment. The internet has made posting in-house content very affordable, and as a result content marketing is a good way to promote an employer brand.

One highly effective approach to content marketing is to have employees share their knowledge. Each of your staff members likely has valuable insight and expertise in what they do. Whether it's writing on the company blog, tweeting bits of industry knowledge or responding to questions on Quora, your staff members should be out the showing off their knowledge and representing your company in the process.

Not Having a Millennial-Friendly Workplace

In just a few short years, Millennials will make up nearly half the workforce. By 2030, they'll be 75 percent of it. Clearly, if you're not working to attract this generation to your company, then your recruiting strategy is heading nowhere.

Millennials tend to be in the early or middle stages of their career, and your culture should acknowledge that by supporting employee development and mentoring. Also, the office is becoming a destination for millennials; a place where they work, socialize, eat and even exercise. Think about what you can offer employees that will make your office a destination.

We Can Help Your Company Avoid Major Hiring Mistakes

At Quanta, we help our client steer clear of major pitfalls, especially those involving talent acquisition. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company.

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