Hiring Headaches - 5 Ways A Staffing Firm Can Ease Your Pain

26 February, 2020
Hiring Headaches - 5 Ways A Staffing Firm Can Ease Your Pain

For most companies, hiring is one of the most challenging and most essential tasks.  

Hiring is time-consuming, costly and aggravating, especially if you find it difficult to locate the proper applicants. The more time it takes, the more is lost in terms of efficiency and morale, as essential jobs stay vacant and existing employees grow weary from being overworked. 

Throughout the country, the need for skilled labor continues to rise as the labor shortage continues. When the supply of labor is low and demand is high, it is challenging to hire and keep a dependable workforce. 

Teaming up with the proper staffing company can make the labor shortage and other headaches go away, as well as provide your company with a top resource it can use whenever the need comes up. 

Consider the following five ways a staffing firm can ease your company’s pain. 

1) More Time 

Hiring requires time, usually a great deal of time. The steps in a typical hiring process include writing job posts, advertising the job, screening resumes, interviewing applicants, performing reference checks and carrying out pre-employment evaluations. When there is the need to fill open jobs as soon as possible so you don't burden existing staff, staffing company can considerably reduce the length of a hiring process, having quick access to a pool of well-qualified candidates.  

2) Less Money on Benefits 

There are times when you may not be able to offer a generous benefits package to candidates or employees. In this situation, temporary employees can be a godsend, since the temporary firm takes over the offering of benefits. This is particularly true if you have to hire someone quickly and only on a temporary basis.  

3) Better Quality of Hire 

Staffing company employees are intimately aware of various staffing needs, such as the abilities and qualifications you’re seeking for a particular open position. These professionals are also knowledgeable when it comes to evaluating applicants and realizing which ones are most likely going to fit your culture. This in-depth knowledge helps prevent bad hires, which can cost 30 percent or more of the salary for the position in question, according to the Department of Labor.  

4) Faster Hiring 

When a staffing company has experience in your industry, it means an understanding of your specific labor needs, the requirements for various position, hiring trends and salary figures. It also means access to a pool of candidates filled by years of networking and marketing within the labor market. 

All of this can translate to a faster hiring process for your company. 

5) Lower Costs 

When a position is left open for weeks and weeks, it costs your company in terms of morale, lower productivity and possibly even a higher accident rate. A staffing company can reduce risk and costs by quickly getting a qualified employee to your company, possibly within a few hours. 

We Can Be Your Talent Solution 

At Quanta, we provide the above benefits and more to our clients by connecting them with best-fit talent solutions. Please contact us today to find out how we can benefit your company. 

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