High Risk, High Reward - How To Take the Risk Out of a Career Change

05 February, 2020
High Risk, High Reward - How To Take the Risk Out of a Career Change

When you change careers or move across the country for a job – it’s a big risk and taking a big risk isn't easy whenever your ability to make a living is at stake.

Taking a career risk puts you outside your comfort zone and the prospect of such a risk is usually enough to turn people off from taking it. However, the act of taking a well-planned and calculated risk can offer many benefits, even if the risk doesn't pay off as you thought it might.

If you are mulling over a major career move that involves a high-risk change, below are a few reasons why you should take the plunge.

New Experiences

If we never took chances, it would be hard to truly get to know the world around us. In lots of ways, accepting risk is dependent upon seeing the future as full of possibility. For instance, going to a different city for a new job can often mean new adventures, or putting in for a promotion may mean a more comfortable work-life situation.

When looking to take a risk, you have to contrast the risks of failing versus the benefits of success.

A Chance to Learn About Yourself

Changing jobs every few years is seen as the best way to reach your full potential. Changing jobs multiple times during a career means being exposed to different workplaces, gaining new skills and the chance to identify one's true calling. This increases the chance for greater career fulfillment and success.

More Control

Deciding to take a risk can totally free you from career limbo. If you don't care for you current job or feel you might be better positioned in a different industry, you can answer these and other nagging career questions by taking a risk.

It might sound counterintuitive, but risk-taking can actually increase your sense of control. Simply taking a risk can boost your self-esteem and confidence. This can lead to you taking on endeavors you may not have dreamed of previously. As soon as you let go of the anxiety, you give yourself permission to take more risks, and more control over your professional life.

Avoid Stagnation

It’s very easy to become stagnant in your career while keeping the focus on your daily job duties. In many ways, your career development might be seen as being on a separate track from your job.

Ask yourself: Are you finding it difficult to keep your skills up-to-date and maintain a vibrant professional network? It requires taking on new responsibilities and experiences to keep the various areas of your career energized, which usually calls for taking risks outside your comfort zone.

Let Us Help You Take a Smart, Informed "Leap of Faith"

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