Flexibility - Experience - Dynamic: The Traits You Need In A Staffing Partner

30 December, 2019
Flexibility - Experience - Dynamic: The Traits You Need In A Staffing Partner

The working world is shifting quickly and dramatically beneath our feet. More than ever, freelancers and temporary employees are increasingly being seen as on-demand talent solutions. If your business in the market for freelance, temporary or permanent employees, working with a staffing company may be your best option.

Below are a few reasons why you should take a hard look at working with a staffing partner to leverage the current state of the labor market.

More Flexibility

A staffing company can rapidly supply your company with supplemental talent. For instance, an agency can provide temporary workers to cover vacations or specialized employees to help out with a new initiative. Staffing companies work with skilled professionals in many disciplines who are available to tackle short-term projects or part-time work. Through a staffing company, talent can come in at many different levels and rapidly adapt to the task at hand.

Also, many staffing companies provide a trial period where the worker is temporary for a pre-determined period of time before being extended an offer of full-time employment. With a temp-to-hire solution, an employer can get a good sense of the worker's abilities, personality, work habits and culture fit before committing to a more permanent arrangement. This results in more informed hiring decisions that lower the risk of a bad hire.

More Specialized Experience

Staffing firms are experts when it comes to recruiting and hiring across many different career fields. Their business model is based on managing each step as effectively as possible. Teaming up with a staffing company means access to hiring and candidate screening expertise that usually exceeds that of internal human resources departments. The hiring personnel on staff at these agencies have boots-on-the-ground experience with employment trends, unique challenges shifting market conditions and best practices. Working with a staffing company could bring exceptional value not just to your hiring approach, but to your complete company strategy.

A More Dynamic Approach

Teaming up with a staffing company means having a very objective partner. The employment company can be more impartial than an internal HR department during the entire recruitment and candidate selection process, which typically means a more dynamic and informed process. Furthermore, some staffing agencies can offer support on human resources issues and may offer recruitment advisement for non-HR personnel.

A Bigger Network

When a business gets together with a staffing company, they can gain access applicants they otherwise would not come across through their own efforts. Staffing agencies put businesses in contact with talented individuals on the labor market and maintain contact with a pool of experienced individuals who are open to a career move. Applicants supplied by a staffing company will have gone through a rigorous recruitment sequence and the company will have a solid knowledge of what applicants are looking for in their next job.

We Can Be Your Dynamic Staffing Partner


At Quanta, we help our clients meet their staffing needs through dynamic staffing solutions. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company meets its unique challenges. 

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