Essentials of Professional Development For Your Employees

02 January, 2019
Essentials of Professional Development For Your Employees

When a business develops its workers, they become more skilled, more effective and do their job at a higher level.
The professional development of employees also makes a business look good, which helps with hiring and holding onto the best staff members. Upskilling employees allows leaders to delegate more responsibilities, so they can focus on other managerial tasks.
Perhaps most importantly, professional development can be rewarding because it makes a difference in the lives of employees.

For these reasons and more, consider the following five essentials of employee development.

1) Maintain a mentoring program
A mentoring program can do a lot for your company and its people, from providing a more comprehensive on-boarding experience for new hires to building company culture. A mentoring program can also cultivate leadership skills for senior employees while developing technical abilities for more junior staff members.
Simply put, bringing together employees to make them even more skilled is an approach you really can’t pass up.

2) Support internal growth with more responsibility
If an employee is doing a great job, more important responsibilities can provide them with feelings of pride and accomplishment. Assigning greater responsibility is particularly useful if you don’t have room to promote a great employee but want to reward all that they have done.
Letting go of some key responsibilities will allow you to develop employee skills while freeing up time for yourself. The important thing is not to expect your employee to handle these duties the same way you do. Your employee should even be allowed to fail at first, because that’s how people learn, from mistakes.

3) Provide tuition reimbursement
Staff members can and should develop their skills outside of the workplace as well. Providing overall or partial tuition reimbursement for employees’ continued education is a great benefit that will permit your staff members to grow and learn. Part of encouraging outside learning should be encouraging staff members to share what they have learned with their peers.
Tuition reimbursement also helps in attracting and holding onto top talent.

4) Support networking
Employers might be reluctant to encourage their employees to network because we often associated networking with trying to find a new job.
However, employees’ connections can benefit your business. Being connected and knowing others in the industry will help your employees grow in their roles, making them more valuable. For instance, employee networks can be useful for closing a business deal or sourcing high-quality candidates for open positions.

5) Create a culture of trust
If you would like help staff members develop professionally, get out of their way and trust them to do their jobs. Set clear expectations and model the professional behavior you expect from them. Then, trust them to follow through on their responsibilities.
Establishing a level of trust helps staff members understand what they need to do to succeed and gives them a sense of ownership. It also indicates to them that credibility and trust are valued in your organization.

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