Engineering Roles That Companies Are Actively Hiring For

29 January, 2020
Engineering Roles That Companies Are Actively Hiring For

As our world gets more technical and developed, engineers continue to be in demand, but some types of engineering professionals are more in demand than others. 

Engineers are responsible for the designing, construction, and maintenance of both structures and intricate technical systems According to the Department of Labor, traditional engineering fields like civil engineering are expected to remain in-demand, but those related to IT are expected to be the fastest-growing fields. Consider the following engineering roles that companies are most actively hiring for right now. 

Automation and Robotics 

Currently, modern robotic systems are mostly used to perform repetitive, menial tasks that don’t require a lot of decision making. However, with every advancement, robots are becoming more able to perform delicate, complicated tasks and robotics engineers are the ones driving this evolution. As the world becomes increasingly automated, those driving automation obviously have bright job prospects. 

Involved in the design, creation, testing, and utilization of robotic technology, those working in robotics typically have a background in mechanical, electronic and/or software engineering. 

Petroleum Extraction 

Petroleum engineers work on the drilling processes, equipment, strategies, and management used to extract crude oil. The petroleum industry has had a significant need for engineers in recent years and that demand is expected to continue developing over the coming decade. Regardless of the increasing push for electrical vehicles and clean energy, petroleum is still widely used in various industries. Furthermore, the workforce for petroleum engineering is getting older, with many projected to retire in the near future. The combination of these trends means great job prospects for up and coming petroleum engineers.  

It should be said that some may face a moral dilemma when it comes to entering the petroleum industry, giving the industry's role in carbon emissions. This dilemma is a factor that ought to be factored in when considering this field. 

Civil Engineering 

Civil engineers develop the facilities and infrastructure on which society depends. Because there are many subcategories of civil engineering, it allows for an abundance of many different career opportunities. Structural, environmental and transportation engineering are all considered types of civil engineering. 

Project Engineer 

A project engineer performs a key role that is essential in almost every technical aspect of the industrial field. Technically, project engineering is more of a discipline than a type of engineering as any engineering degree can lead to this position. However, a job in project management does call for specialized education and experience.  

The role of a project engineer involves overseeing technical projects and may include design, procurement, and logistical responsibilities. The job is multidisciplinary and calls for a rudimentary technical knowledge of every element of project management. 

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