Enforce Policies and Procedures Like A Pro

01 August, 2019
Enforce Policies and Procedures Like A Pro

Even though appropriate safety procedures and policies are crucial for any workplace, if those procedures and policies are not enforced, they are useless. 

Don’t let your company spend a ton of time and energy establishing procedures and policies just to have them collect dust in a drawer. These measures are only worth developing it if you ensure they are correctly carried out and tracked. 

The following tips can help you to effectively enforce the safety policies and procedures your organization has put into place. 

Hire a Safety Compliance Officer 

If your organization is large enough and has a wide range of safety hazards, it makes sense to appoint full-time safety compliance officer. This person is typically responsible for training employees on safety issues, communicating safety issues ensuring the company adheres to the various regulations and conducting assessments to evaluate the degree of compliance. A safety officer will also oversee drills used to determine the preparedness of the staff in the event of an emergency situation. 

Avoid Unnecessary Rules 

People raising small children know that danger lurks around every corner, but also that you can’t wrap your child in bubble-wrap and send them out into the world.  

Of course, there are safety regulations that must be follow and certain certifications demand that specific safeguard be put in place, but going overboard on the safety rules is wasteful and overbearing on employees 

Make sure your procedures and policies suit your particular place of business and its safety track record. Less-practical and poor-fit procedures and policies should be eliminated to show employees that the company takes deadly-serious, but commonsense approach to safety. 

Use Proper Safety Communication Tools 

Enforcement of policies and procedures is challenging without good communication, and it is down to the company to inform workers of various safety hazards. There are a lot of tools that can be employed to make certain staff members are well informed at all times.  

The most effective and suggested approach is the usage of hazard communication. Signs and labels are available in all shapes sizes and colors for the communication of various messages. In fact, insufficient signage can trigger fines and penalties from regulatory agencies, as they are considered central to keeping people safe in the workplace. 

Stay Vigilant 

The legal liability of an employer during accident situations is mostly attached to the degree of diligence practiced by the company to avoid the scenario. There is minimal liability in instances where there is evidence the company had taken ample steps to protect the health and safety of the staff members. Organizations need to be vigilant and should put together solutions to preserve a safe workplace. Plans need to be continuously prepared and revised to properly take care of shifting safety needs and to always tackle any emerging issues. 

Let Us Help Your Company Maintain High Safety Standards 


At Quanta, we help our clients maintain the highest of safety standards by providing them with the staffing solutions and services that they need. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your company maintain high safety standards. 

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