Employment Branding and Culture Just Became Primary Talent Attractors

06 January, 2021
Employment Branding and Culture Just Became Primary Talent Attractors

The term ‘employer branding’ refers to the actions a company takes to build up its appearance as an employer. Employer branding activities should present an authentic, unique, appealing and believable image of how an organization treats its employees.

What employer branding might seem unnecessary, employer branding efforts are now being seen as essential for attracting, hiring and keeping top talent.

A Modern Approach

Last year was the year that remote work went mainstream. As a result, employer branding efforts have been more focused on building a brand at the national and international level. American companies can hire remote workers from Los Angeles to London and everywhere in between. Employer branding is evolving to match that new normal.

Employers are also spending more time understanding the opinions and motivations of their employees. The knowledge gained from this investment can then be used to attract potential new employees across various social platforms.

Going Social

LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media platforms have become essential for employer branding campaigns. As social media continues to influence society, employers will continue to rely on it for all of their marketing and branding efforts. The better a company can advocate for itself; the greater its chances of attracting the best talent on the market. Experts are saying that social media use for employer branding will expand by 70 percent over the next five years.

Employee Advocacy

Staff members are valuable advocates for your organization, as they are seen to be more trusted than executives on a wide range of topics. As a result, businesses should formally encourage staff members to advocate for the company within their personal networks. Employees should be encouraged to share positive developments that are suitable for public release, as well as the positive experiences they have at work.

You company's employee advocate efforts should be based in the culture of the business and how it treats staff members. Through internal communication, staff members should be kept in the loop on the latest developments and innovations. Make sure employees know what news can be shared and encourage them to do so, possibly with an incentive system.

An incentive system could reward employees who share the most content or those who get the most interactions. Of course, rewards and incentives should be things that staff members actually want, not just company-branded merchandise that happens to be lying around.

For Millennials, Career Development is Key

The workforce will be dominated by Millennials for the foreseeable future. This demographic is highly motivated by chances to gain new abilities and develop their career. Consequently, businesses ought to be prepared to meet this expectation.

To be able to provide career development opportunities, companies should continue to adopt virtual learning, even as the COVID-19 situation fades into the past.

We Can Support Your Company’s Employer Brand

At Quanta, we work with our clients to help them build the employer brand they are trying to create. Please contact us today to find out how we can do the same with your organization.

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