Employee Spotlight – How Domingo Was Referred to His Dream Job!

27 September, 2018
Employee Spotlight – How Domingo Was Referred to His Dream Job!

If your friends are getting promotions while you’re feeling stuck in your career, it can be tempting to think about going back to school.

Here at Quanta, we believe that a successful company is made up of many successful individuals.  Our Employee Spotlight is where we highlight one of these outstanding individuals in order to give you just a glimpse of the amazing people that we work with and that you can work with too!

Today, in the spotlight is Domingo Cabrejos!

Domingo is an Avionics Technician here at Quanta and has been working with us for over eight years!  Domingo grew up in Peru and attended Ricardo Palmer University where he acquired a degree in Electrical engineering.  He chose to go into this field because it is enjoyable work and there is much opportunity to advance. After graduating from college, he had a few different positions doing things like maintenance, seat assembly, and mechanical work on aircrafts; however, Domingo was looking to find a company that he could see investing years into.  He was looking for a place to expand his knowledge and experience in other areas of aviation as well as develop his leadership and interpersonal skills. It was at that time that a friend of Domingo’s saw his potential and referred him to look to Quanta for help. We assessed Domingo’s experience and skill set and were able to pair him up with an opportunity that could provide him with the ability to utilize his degree, and with support from Quanta, the potential to grow into a leadership role.  Domingo stated, “When I first started working for Quanta, it was a whole new experience for me.” He stated that he was installing systems in the aircrafts and he was doing so well that the client asked if there were more employees just like Domingo that could work alongside him. Throughout the years, while working for Quanta, Domingo has had the chance to do multiple jobs in the Aviation field. When asked what type of work he is currently doing, he stated, “I manage everything electronically from the nose to the tail of the aircraft!”

Domingo currently resides in North Carolina with his wife and kids. His two oldest children both attend universities and are pursuing Computer Technician degrees, and his youngest attends  high school in the area. His favorite thing to do on his off-days is to spend time with his family outdoors. If the kids have any say in what they do, they will be golfing or playing volleyball!

We are thrilled to say that Domingo is Quanta’s longest working contract employee!  He started working with us in June of 2010 and has been a great asset to the company ever since.  Over the years, he has taken on more of a leadership role by assisting Quanta in supporting with new hires for the client.  He makes sure that they have the necessary training so that they are comfortable in their new role and so that they too can be successful in achieving their career goals.  Now it has come full circle and Domingo, like his friend back 8+ years ago, is referring people to Quanta to help them find the opportunity they have been looking for.

Quanta would like to give a huge thank you to Domingo for all his hard work with us!

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