Employee Spotlight

03 August, 2018
Employee Spotlight

Here at Quanta, we believe that a successful company is made up of many successful individuals.  Our Employee Spotlight is where we highlight one of these outstanding individuals in order to give you just a glimpse of the amazing people that we work with and that you can work with too!

Today in the spotlight is our associate, Vickie Perry!

Vickie is a mother of two who was born and raised in Detroit Michigan and graduated from Northwestern High School in 2005.  After graduation she began taking classes to obtain a Medical Billing and Coding Certificate. She worked in many nursing homes over the years and truly enjoyed working with people.  After working in the industry for a few years she realized that the medical field was not the right fit for her and it was time for a career change. After much thought and the pursuit of a few different fields, Vickie chose production work.  She accepted a few positions working in a production role, but was unable to find a position and company she could call home. She decided to get back on the hampster wheel of job hunting and submitted her resume to another production role that she assumed would be no different than her last few experiences.  After accepting the opportunity with Quanta as a Production Operator she quickly realized the client site she was working at is a company she wanted to call home. During a quality call with her recruiter, Lisa, Vickie informed her of her aspirations to become successful in this role and asked what she could do to stand out and be provided an opportunity to work as a direct employee of the client.  Lisa helped to coach Vickie on how she could go above and beyond her role to show our client how much of an asset she could be in helping their operation meet its production goals.

During her assignment, Vickie took Lisa’s advice and picked up extra shifts, came in early when requested, stayed in constant communication with her on-site management asking if there was any other support she could provide, and helping her fellow colleagues when they were falling behind.  Because of Vickie’s great work ethic and the coaching provided to her by Lisa she was able to fulfill her goal and now works as a permanent employee of the client.

Vickie is thankful to have not only the opportunity that Quanta was able to provide but the support and guidance from her recruiter Lisa along the way to help guide her to achieve her career goals.

Quanta would like to give a huge thanks to Vickie for being an outstanding employee!

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