Cold, Warm, and Qualified Candidates - How A Staffing Firm Can Help You Find the Best Fit

03 February, 2020
Cold, Warm, and Qualified Candidates - How A Staffing Firm Can Help You Find the Best Fit

In marketing, sales prospects are often referred to “cold”, “warm” or “qualified” leads, and while the goal of a recruiter is different from that of a marketing professional, the idea of warm, cold and qualified applies to job candidates as well.

Before getting into how these terms apply to recruitment, let's breakdown what they mean in a marketing context. Cold leads are sales prospects that are essentially contacted out of the blue. Warm leads our sales prospects they have indicated some level of interest and what the marketer is trying to sell. A qualified lead is a sales prospect that is closest to actually making a purchase.

So, for a retail clothing store in a mall, cold leads would the people who are simply passing by the storefront, warm leads would be people who pause to look in the shop window, and qualified leads would be people who walk in and ask a sales associate about but particular type of clothing.

Building a Talent Pipeline

An employer looking to hire isn’t going to have a lot of success reach out to cold candidates. Therefore, it is important to maintain a pipeline of warm candidates.

Pipelining is an assertive recruitment strategy, intended to accelerate the candidate selection and screening processes by drawing in ideal candidates before a need arises. The strategy can also improve the number of qualified applicants; those who are familiar with your business and signaled their interest in working for you.

The foundation of any good pipelining program is regularly identifying and communicating with warm candidates, such as those who have applied previously, employee referrals and individuals met through networking. When creating and developing a pipeline, make sure you document candidates' names, contact information, resume (if possible), LinkedIn profile and any other relevant details. It also helps to document any interactions you have with your warm candidates.

Based on the size of your business and nature of your hiring needs, it may be helpful to create multiple pipelines for various departments, career levels and specialty positions.

From “Warm” to “Qualified”

When it comes to converting warm candidates to qualified candidates, there are numerous candidate relationship management (CRM) and applicant tracking systems (ATS) systems available that offer a range of helpful features.

Warm candidates can be contacted well ahead of time, so hiring personnel have a clear sense of the volume and kind of applicants that they need. This gives hiring personnel time to concentrate on identifying the most attractive applicants, not only the first people that are identified.

Pipelining ought to be highly candidate focused. Rather than posting jobs and hoping good prospects apply, companies should concentrate on engaging potential employees on their terms. Given the power of applicant experience in today's social media-driven world, this benefit of proper pipelining can't be ignored.

We Can Expand Your Talent Pipeline and Access to Qualified Candidates

At Quanta, our job is to develop pools of warm and qualified candidates for our clients’ open positions. Please contact us today to find out how we can do the same for your organization.

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