Career Moves - 3 Mantras to Remember

31 August, 2021
Career Moves - 3 Mantras to Remember

Career moves are often life changing events: Many of us remember the different phases of our life based on where, how and/or if we were working at the time.

Because of their significance, it’s important to approach these situations with intelligence and wisdom. At the same time, career moves are not life-and-death situations. Part of a good career move should be learning from mistakes and growing as a person.

With this Zen approach in mind, below are three mantras you should adopt when looking to make a career move.

1) Move Toward a Better Match

Sometimes we find ourselves in a bad career situation because our skills aren’t being properly used or appreciated. These might be technical skills like Java programming, or they might be interpersonal skills like communication.

As opposed to jumping to a similar job or the next rung up the ladder, consider career moves that are a better fit for your technical and interpersonal capabilities. If you follow the mantra of seeking better fits, you’ll always be moving toward a better place.

2) Consider the “Work” You Do Voluntarily

We all know the old chestnut: Find a job you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life. You’ve also probably heard that you should follow your passion. However, if your passion is downhill skiing, there aren’t many jobs out there for you to pick from. A better (but less romantic) saying might be: Try to find work you don’t mind doing.

Whether it’s done around the house or while pursuing a hobby, many of us do work that we aren’t paid to do -- and yet we still happily do it. Maybe you spend hours on the weekend smoking brisket or organizing events for your church. Whatever it is, consider the skills you use and how this voluntary work provides value to others. Then, try to steer your professional life in that direction.

3) Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

People tend to draw a lot of their self-worth from their career, and at the same time, we tend to be creatures of habit. These two aspects of our nature often come together and cause us to avoid taking career risks. Many people would rather stick with a job they hate than take a risk on a career move, learn new job skills and get used to working with people they don’t know.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about making a career move or applying to a job that you’re not sure you can handle, approach the situation with the mentality that you can recover from a career misstep. In fact, stretching yourself and taking on something new almost always means there’s potential to learn valuable lessons you can take with you, regardless of the short-term outcome.

We Can Help You Make a Smart Career Move

At Quanta, we often help job seekers take a big step forward along their career path. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you do the same.

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